You can’t go home again

40 years ago Paul Manafort made his bones in Kansas City, directing the Ford forces in their successful delegate fight with Reagan.  He was so good Reagan hired him in 1980.  But things have changed a bit since then, and I’m not at all sure his skill set is what Trump needs right now.  Of course, what Trump needs is a miracle, and the Good Lord, let us hope, will not oblige.

Take Tennessee, where Trump got screwed yesterday by the State Executive Committee.  These guys aren’t Cruz people.  They dislike Cruz, but they hate Trump, and everything he stands for.  They write their own rules.  That’s the way political parties work, or should.  American political parties are not creatures of the state.  They’re independent associations of like minded voters.  The Constitution’s guarantee of the freedom to associate states:  “Congress shall make no law….abridging … the right of the people to peaceably assemble…”.  It’s in the First Amendment.  It’s recognized by the courts.

Some states, unconstitutionally, in  my view, interfere with the interior procedures of political parties.  They justify this because the state, not the parties, pay the cost of primary elections.  But in most states, like Tennessee, the parties are free from state control, and can do any damn thing they please.

Paul Manafort should know that.  There’s nothing he could do.

Likewise in North Dakota. The party regulars are with Cruz, overwhelmingly.  But they’re not Cruz’s agents.  So when they come up with their slate, it will be overwhelmingly for Cruz.  Not just not the people Cruz asked for.  There may not be one Trump vote in the 25 going to Cleveland.

Those are the rules, and that’s the reality, of North Dakota.

Yesterday Cruz swept up six out of six in the 1st and 6th districts of Colorado.  They’re on the outskirts of Denver.  The 2nd contains CU and CSU, but is also pretty rural, and Sen. Kevin Lundberg should pull it off.  The 3rd is Western Colorado  — Cruz country.  The 4th and 5th, eastern and southern Colorado, are hostile terrain for the Moron.  Maybe he’s got a shot in the 7th, western Denver.  If he’s organized there.  I doubt that he is.  The attendees are not members of the public.  They’re Republican Party volunteers.  These are not Trump people.  Most of them have been in the party for a while.

When it’s all said and done, I think Cruz gets 37 out of 37.  Unless Paul Manafort knows something I don’t know.

Who runs the Republican Party of Pennsylvania?  I have no idea.  Except I’ll bet the ranch that he’s not a Trump man.  In fact, very far from it.  This guy, and his buddies from across the state, run that party, and nobody can tell them what to do with it.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it.  They have complete control over 54 of PA’s delegates, and Trump won’t get one of them.  Don’t like it?   Take over the Republican Party of Pennsylvania.  But that takes time, and intelligence, both of which Trump lacks.

The people you see on TV are supposed to be smart.  Actually, many of them are astonishingly ignorant.  They really have no idea of what political parties are.  They think they’re part of the government, somehow, or something.  A political party is an independent political institution.  I know those are long words.  But if you can’t understand them you should just shut up, already.

Royals against the Mets tonight.  Steve Harvey can pitch with the best of them.  I’ve got a feeling this is going to be a good year.



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