A little slow on the uptake there, Donald?

It’s tough when you don’t know what you’re doing.  It happened to me all the time when I first started practicing law.  If you’re quick, and facile, you can B.S. your way through a lot.  But when it comes to serious business, like running for President, you really should know what you’re doing.  And if you’re not sure, either learn or pay someone to show you what to do.

Trump’s ignorance, and egotism, has cost him any chance of the nomination.  He really didn’t have one to begin with.  He was going to be taken down.  But that’s really not necessary now.  The Cruz win in Wisconsin forecloses any possibility of 1237, and if he can’t go to Cleveland with that number, he’ll lose.

It’s just beginning to dawn on the Moron that it’s over.  I saw an ad on TV, asking me to call an 800 number and press “one” if I thought it was unfair to deny Trump the nomination at a contested convention.  Let’s say they get 20 million people to call it.  So what?  Do they think someone cares?  They’re idiots to pay for that ad.

The American Research Group has a poll out showing Trump with a ten point lead in Wisconsin.  538.com rates them as the least accurate of the eight most active pollsters, a C-.  It’s possible Trump paid them for that poll.  Some pollsters are corrupt.  Or it’s an outlier.

I’ll be in Fairbanks on Thursday, April 28th in time to introduce myself to Senator New Dan Sullivan.  Original Dan Sullivan may be Alaska’s next Governor.  He’s a different guy, the son of Alaska pioneer George Sullivan, a contemporary of my Uncle Fritz.

The next day the Convention starts, and I may get a chance to see Crazy Don Young, the man who brought you the Bridge to Nowhere.  What a character.  As a guy, I always liked Don Young.  Lisa Murkowski may be there as well.  I don’t intend to talk to her, but I’ll let her know I’m there.  I see right through her, and she knows it.

There’s three people running for Party Chair, and they’re all Cruz people, so I’m  not worried about that.  I’d be able to work with any of them.  But they need to learn a few things fast about this whole delegate selection  business.  One of them is up to speed, but I’m not sure about the other two.

I’m hoping Robin Taylor can come up as well.  Robin has a lot of friends all over the state.  He’s an old fashioned back slapping politician.  He would have been elected Governor in 1998 except for Crazy John Lindauer.  That was eighteen years ago, but some of those people are still around.

Politics has a lot more might-have-beens, like me and Robin, than it does winners.  But we were contenders.  And we’re still in it.


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