Idiocy unchained

Tucker Carlson took the Hammer’s spot on Special Report today, and truly distinguished himself.  This guy is so dimwitted that it took my  breath away.  Why anyone would listen to this twerp is beyond me.  Maybe women think he’s cute.  Or maybe Roger Ailes has a thing for him.  What a complete imbecile.

He thinks a bunch of really smart Republicans should sit down with Trump to try to make him a better candidate.  Because he’s got the most votes, and therefor, apparently, is deserving of the nomination.   What a fool.

Everyone acknowledges that it should come down to what happens on June 7th, particularly in Cali.    I’ve got a tip for you.  I live in California.  People here are ignorant about politics, to an extent it’s hard for other Americans to believe.  They don’t want to be bothered by it.  It just annoys them.  Eventually, maybe a couple weeks before the election, they’ll start paying some attention.  In the meantime, the weather’s great, and everybody wants to be outdoors. has another nifty tool that you can use to see how the Donald is doing on his way to 1237.  Aaron Bycoffe has a piece there called, Can You Get Trump to 1237?  I’ve played around with it, and it’s apparent to me, that even giving the Moron the benefit of the doubt here and there, he can’t do it.  A bridge too far.

The “pros” used by to estimate Trump’s delegate haul have him winning 93 of the 172 delegates from Cali.  That’s about 52%.  Right now RCP has the Moron up by eight points here.  And nobody is paying too much attention.

Let me tell you about a lot of the women that live out here.   Once they find out about all of Trump’s statements, and behavior, toward women, they’ll want to tar and feather him.  And let me tell you something as a native California guy, raised in Richmond.  We don’t like loud mouthed guys from New York.  It’s a cultural thing.  A lot of people associate it with antisemitism, but Trump’s not Jewish, and he’s the worst stereotype I know of.  People don’t like New York Jews in the same way they don’t like New York gentiles.  It’s the attitude.  It’s like fingernails on a blackboard.

And then there’s this little thing called organization.  53 elections will occur in California on June 7th, in 53 Congressional Districts.  They’re all different.  Some of them like night and day.  A seriously good political team, such as the one with Cruz, can tailor a campaign directed to each of them, almost on an individual basis.  It takes time, planning, and brains, which they have.  Cruz is going to kick Trump’s ass in California.  All Trump’s got is his mouth.

My friend Tim Kelly pointed out an amazing WaPo article by Richard Cohen, reviewing a Jeffrey Goldberg interview with Obama in the Atlantic.  Cohen said his highlighter got worn out reading it.  It was like Obama was revealing himself to be the witless idiot the conservatives have been saying all along.

I know Richard Cohen is just one guy.  But he’s a leading indicator.  And guess what?  Clinton’s policy is the same as Obama’s, except she’s corrupt.  What’s a good liberal patriot to do?

We may get Richard Cohen to start Jews for Cruz.





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