A New York state of mind

There will be 27 elections in 27 Congressional Districts in New York.  The 14 other  NY delegates are chosen statewide.  In some of these CD’s, as few as 3,000 Republicans turn out on primary day.  Double that, since this is a big election.  Nonetheless, if  Cruz can go into a CD and prevent the Donald from getting 50%, and gets more votes than Kasich, he wins one of the three delegates at stake in each of these districts.  If he can get 15 or 20 delegates that way, it’s sure as hell worth it.  Every delegate counts, so I’ve no doubt this has been, and is being, looked into.

Cruz has some of the brightest micro-targeters in the business, and they may very well have a way of identifying likely  Cruz voters in these CD’s.  Trump doesn’t have that capability.  He could pay someone to do it, but it’s a little late, and he’s cheap.

I have got to believe there are CD’s where this could work.  Is Trump really that well liked by Republicans, real Republicans who believe in conservative principles?  It is a closed primary, so only Republican “regulars” will be voting.  Trump has given money to Democratic NY politicians that these Republicans hate.  Are these people so enamored of Trump’s brash Noo Yawk attitude that they don’t care about any of that?  Who the hell are these people, any how? A Republican in New York?  What the hell are you doing living there?  Making money, or too lazy to move, I guess.

I talked to one of the nominal Cruz Co-chairs in Alaska, Judy Eledge.  I guess they’re having a teleconference to talk about the State Convention. I’m getting a booth myself, to promote my Senate candidate, and Cruz doesn’t have one yet.  The guy in charge of Alaska for Cruz, a consultant from Las Vegas named Uithoven, has yet to show any understanding of the state, the party, or the players in Alaska.  He just needs to stay out of the way, and  not make a nuisance of himself.

The Reagan campaign sent a guy up from California to help out at the ’76 Convention in Anchorage.  I was just a District Chairman, so I wasn’t on the inside.  As far as I could tell, he just camped out in his hotel room, and kept to himself.  Completely worthless.  We lost the crucial vote 87-86.  Turns out we had a woman from the Kenai who was for Reagan, but she didn’t understand the significance of the vote.  It cost Reagan around 20 delegates.  Sheer, unadulterated stupidity.  Having stupid people in charge of things always winds up costing you.  And having smart people always helps.

Cruz has the smartest guys in the business around him.  He’s as smart as they are, so there’s no problem.  With Trump, it’s a little different.  No self respecting man would brown nose their way into Trump’s inner circle.  So he’s got mediocre people around him, when he needs top flight people.

It’s tough being a Moron.

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