If it’s Monday this must be California

Ted Cruz is shaking the pagoda tree in Vegas with Sheldon and his Jewish buddies.  Sheldon’s wife actually has more sense than he does.  She’s been for Cruz all along.  I can’t believe she’ll allow her husband to stay on the sidelines any longer.  Ted Cruz is as true a friend as Israel has in this country.  And everybody knows it.  So what’s the problem?   So, he sometimes  acts like a  Christian zealot.  Get over it.  There are a lot of people like him in this country, and the vast majority of them are on Israel’s side as well.  If you have some kind of anti-evangelical bias, you’ve got a problem you need to deal with.

Then on Monday he’s off to LA and Orange County, where all the votes are.  The only real problem he’ll have in California is cultural, just as I conjectured he has with Jews.  But he can make the adjustment easily enough.  Just talk economics in California.  Lord knows there’s plenty to talk about on that subject in this state.

I feel confident there are people on the Cruz team that understand California politics down to the precinct level.  Everywhere he goes, and everything he says, will be with a purpose.  He’s a better candidate now than he was at first.  Smart people generally get better at something the more they do it.  He’ll make progress here.  It’s a big state, and he’ll need to spend a whole lot of time here.  After Washington on May 24th, he’ll have an entire two weeks to dedicate to California.  I’d leave New Jersey to Kasich, and Montana, South Dakota and New Mexico won’t demand any candidate time.

Trump doesn’t even have a California organization yet.  I don’t even think he’s got a State Chairman.  I guess Paul Manafort knows the rules, so they’ve got nothing to worry about.  What will the Moron be doing for those two weeks before June 7th?   Having big rallies, I guess.  Peddling his same old B.S.  Rousing up the crowd.  What, he’s going to do that for two weeks?   That will get stale, quickly.  I don’t know what the hell he’ll do.  I just don’t think his shtick works in California, but I try to stay in the foothills as much as I can, and maybe I’m out of touch with all the Trump crowd.  Whoever the hell they are.

I do know one Trump guy.  This is one of the most ignorant men I’ve ever known, so it makes sense.

People seem to be a little slow on the uptick.  Everyone with half a brain knows that nobody gets to 1237, and that means there will be a second ballot, which Cruz wins.  Why is that so hard for people to understand?

Unless you’ve been an activist in the Republican Party like I have, you don’t understand how deep the pile of squat is that the Trump is sitting in.  The people who go to Republican State Party Conventions are not the same people who go to Trump rallies.  I’ve known these people, and been one of them, for 40 years.  They’re patriots who volunteer their time, and have for years, to something they believe in  — a political party, the Republican Party.  As a group, I doubt that you could find a more concentrated bunch of Donald Trump Despisers in the country.  He’ll never get any of their votes.  They can’t stand him.

The rain’s still falling, thank heaven.  At this time of year in the foothills, if you look closely enough, you can see a new sign of spring every day.



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