Take it off, take it all off

It turns out Trump guru Paul Manafort doesn’t just know the Rules.  Last week he said that his knowledge of the Rules would get the Moron to 1237.  But Manafort also knows people, specifically the unbound delegates to Cleveland.  Asked on MTP how he intends to win them over, he said, “… have Donald Trump exposed…” to them.

That thought  —  Trump, naked  —  was enough to ruin my appetite for the entire day.  The  very concept of Donald Trump, exposed, in his birthday suit, is enough to make a strong man quake.

Exposing the man is, of course, the easiest way to dispose of him.  But you can’t tell Trump that.  Put him in a room of delegates who are uncommitted, and he’ll work magic.  His cosmopolitan charisma will simply overwhelm the rustics gathering from around the country.  He may actually believe that.   That’s why he’s the Moron.

This dumb bastard was in Rochester today, complaining about how he got screwed in Louisiana.  Get used to it, Donald.  It’s happened, is happening, and will happen all over the country.  Unless, of course, one time political wunderkind Paul Manafort’s incredible knowledge of the Rules prevents it.

I tell you what, Donald, send Manafort up to Fairbanks on April 29th Republican State Convention.  With his amazing knowledge of the Rules I’m sure you’ll love how it all turns out.  I’d like to meet Manafort.  I’m always interested in meeting people with such awesome knowledge.

Trump’s problem is that he’s so stupid he doesn’t understand what a political party is, or how it works, and what it’s for.  He thinks he can walk in and take it over.  That can be done, but it’s very hard, and takes quite a long time.  You can’t do it in one campaign.  It takes patience and intelligence and dedication.

This nitwit actually said at his rally, “We’re supposed to be a democracy!”  He’s so ignorant he probably doesn’t know the difference between a constitutional republic, like the United States, and a purely democratic system, where the minority has no rights.  I guess Trump University didn’t offer a course in Basic Civics.

I’ve read so many books about the War for Independence that I really don’t think I have that much to learn.  But I picked up a book at the library on a whim, and it’s outstanding.   Angel in the Whirlwind by Benson Bobrick, 1997, is a standard history of the Revolutionary War, but the author is so knowledgeable that he tells stories that I’ve never heard before.

I wonder if the story of the “Boston Negress”, Phyllis Wheatley, is told in women’s studies programs, or African-American programs.  Bobrick tells it so well I’ll just quote him.

She “… had been born in Africa and brought to Boston at the age of ten.  At seventeen, she had emerged as an accomplished poet, demonstrating, to the surprise of many, that Africans were capable of education and refinement.  In her autobiographical verses, she interpreted her own unlikely story in disguise:

Twas mercy brought me from my Pagan Land,

Taught my benighted soul to understand,

That there’s a God; that there’s a Saviour too;

Once I Redemption neither sought nor knew,

Some view our sable race with scornful Eye,

“Their Colour is a diabolic Dye.”

Remember, christians, Negroes, black as Cain,

May be refin’d, & join the Angelic Train.

And she was proof of it, so many thought.  Nevertheless, when her poems were first gathered in a volume, it was deemed necessary to print certificates of authenticity in front of the book, testifying to her authorship.”

They really should teach this stuff in school.




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