Come, let us conspire together

The Cruz campaign gets way too much credit, and blame for that matter, for the fact that Trump is getting screwed at Republican State Conventions.  There was a big brouhaha over Louisiana, and how Cruz totally shafted the Donald.  But it really wasn’t Cruz.  It was just a few smart Louisiana conservatives, probably including Master Legislator Rep. Joe Harrison, who pulled it off.  They didn’t need any help, or guidance, from anybody.  They know what they’re doing better than any operative that Cruz might send in to help.  These are smart guys.  The “Rubio” delegates from Louisiana haven’t even been contacted by the Cruz campaign, though they have heard from the Trump people.  So  much for the superior Cruz ground game.

This comports with what has gone on, and is going on, in Alaska.  The Cruz campaign had nothing to do with Cruz’s 627 vote win in Alaska.  The Cruz guy in charge, Robert Uithoven  — a Las Vegas political consultant  —  had done  nothing when I started looking in to the situation there, a week before the caucuses.  One Cruz Co-Chair, Judy Eledge, was also a District Chair, told me she was too  busy getting ready for her own district convention to do anything for Cruz.  The other Co- Chair was in Hawaii on vacation, and would be back when the caucuses were over.   With the help of David Cuddy and a few others, I was able to throw together just enough of a “campaign” to pull it off.

As the Alaska State Convention approaches the Cruz campaign is again a non-factor.  Judy Eledge is running for Vice Chair of the Party, and is supporting Ann Brown of Fairbanks for Chair.  Ric Davidge is also running for Party Chairman, as is Tuckerman Babcock.  Uithoven has apparently aligned himself with the Brown-Eledge faction.  He has  no idea of what he’s doing.  I’ll be in Fairbanks to make sure everything goes down as it should, and I won’t need any help from Uithoven.

You see, Joe Harrison of Louisiana and I are co-conspirators, and we don’t need any help from the Cruz campaign..  He and I haven’t talked about it, we don’t have to.   We both know what we’re doing.  And we have a lot of fellow co-conspirators in just about every state in the union.  They know the Republican politics of their states as well as Joe and I do about Louisiana and Alaska.  In Minnesota, it’s probably House Speaker Kurt Daudt.  I know a few of these guys personally, and the rest by reputation.  They all know what they’re doing.  But, oh, I forgot, Paul Manafort knows The Rules.  Good luck with that.

I see where Sarah Palin cancelled a speech to the Wyoming State Convention tomorrow.  She hasn’t exactly been lighting up the crowd in recent appearances.  She’s such a prominent Trump supporter, it will be strange if she doesn’t at least appear at the Fairbanks Convention for him.  She’s lost a lot of friends in the Republican Party of Alaska.  It’s like she’s too big for Alaska.

Kasich is basically an annoying guy.  But he may be serving a purpose in New York.  Without Kasich on the ballot, I don’t think Trump would have any trouble getting to the 50% mark he needs to really win the state.  So hold off on the Kasich potshots until after Tuesday.  If Cruz and Kasich can keep him under 50%, that would be a very big deal.  These polls may be counting a lot of non-Republicans who think they’re going to be able to vote, but won’t.  So there’s that.

I hate the f word.  When people tell me something’s not fair, I know I’m talking to a whiner.  Whoever told you life was fair?   We live in a world of unfairness, and we deal with it every day.  If you can’t deal with it, don’t whine to me about it.

If Trump and his cult don’t like the way the Republican Party works, they can go start their own.  I’m sure it will be very fair.

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