Truth will out

It just takes a while, in some cases.  And the truth about Trump isn’t pretty.  The reason  most people don’t know it is because big media is keeping it from them, purposefully.

As an example in 1998 John Lindauer was running for the Republican  nomination for Governor of Alaska.  He was corrupt, and the Anchorage Daily News knew it.  But they sat on the story until he won the nomination, and then absolutely destroyed him.  The same thing would happen with Trump, except on a much larger scale.

His campaign is in a painful transition, with Manafort taking over from the amateur, Lewandowski.  It will be interesting to watch that relationship develop, under extremely stressful conditions.  Manafort’s buddy, Roger Stone, had to leave over a year ago, when things were calm.  Ivanka’s back in the mix, and will be the one Trump listens to.  She seems like a pretty bright woman.  I don’t envy her, with her new baby the first thing on her mind.  What a rat’s nest.

The Republican electorate is divided into two camps, with 37% supporting Trump, and 63% opposed.  A lot of that 37% feels very intensely loyal, and will not accept anyone else.  But a lot of that 63% feels just the opposite.  They will not, and can not, accept Donald Trump as the nominee. And they’re going to do everything they can to stop him.  And this is the most important point.  The overwhelming majority of the delegates in Cleveland are part of that 63%, and they have all the power.  The party bosses don’t control them.  They’re free agents, at some point.   And they all know what they don’t want  — Donald Trump.

You hear some of the craziest things when you listen to reporters talk about politics.  These  guys don’t know a damn thing about politics.  I was watching With All Due Respect when one of the hosts said Trump was waiting until the Convention to approach the Cleveland delegates.  That way it would be easy, with all of them in the same place.  Apparently he thinks that’s what Cruz is doing, winning over delegates with his personal appearances in North Dakota, Colorado, and Wyoming.  Uh, dude, that’s not how it works.  He was going to win them whether he showed up or not.  The only reason he went was to publicize his preordained wins in three consecutive states.

For the first time, I started to identify with Cruz.  He and Heidi were on some show, and she was asked about her feelings about all the attacks on her husband.  And she said that from the first time she met him, he never allowed what other people thought about him to bother him.

That’s unusual for a politician. The only one I knew, personally, like that was Governor Jay Hammond of Alaska.  This guy was all man.  After flying for the Marines in the Pacific he came to Alaska, became a Bush pilot, and went Native, with a beautiful Eskimo wife.  I met him once, when he was running for reelection.

I was a volunteer for Hammond, and I actually did him a lot of good, and he knew it.  With what I did for Hammond, I made a lifelong enemy of the most powerful Republican politician in the state, Wally Hickel, a rich and vengeful man.

Four years later I was rewarded, in reapportionment, by a made to order vacant seat in the State Senate.  I could win the Republican primary unopposed, in a very Republican district.

That was Jay Hammond’s way of saying thanks.  Babbie and I had only been in the state for eight years, but we were on our way.

Jay never said a word to me about what he’d done.  He just did it.









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