Donald Trump’s San Francisco values

Cosmopolitans, like Trump, are nonjudgmental, and tolerant to a fault.   In California, it’s taken to an extreme.  I’ve learned from experience not to use the “n” word —  normal  — in conversations here.  It’s inherently judgmental, since it assumes there must be abnormal, as well as normal.  So you can’t say it.  The most annoying thing about these people is their air of superiority.  Smug is a bigger problem here than smog.

So to Trump, a man who thinks of himself as a woman should be able to use the woman’s bathroom.  He’s an open minded guy.  Or, rather, a slavish follower of fashion.  The problem is, the whole thing is crazy, and everyone half way normal knows it.  When a movement succeeds, its followers should disband.  Civil rights for blacks and other minorities, equal rights for women, and tolerance for homosexuals have all been achieved to a great extent.  But the fight must go on nevertheless.  There must always be some new mountain to climb.  So these people wind up taking things to absurd extremes, and the drive for LGBT’s to use the bathroom they want is the most patently absurd of all.

And I guess Trump, living in his little bubble in Manhattan, doesn’t get it.  This guy is out of touch, or else he’s outsmarting himself.  If he thinks this defense of LGBT rights will get him votes in California, he may be right.  But it will cost him a lot more.  Paul Manafort, you’ve got some work to do.

And there the dope is in Indiana yesterday, talking about how all these delegates for Cruz have been bought and paid for.  What an idiot.  The RNC is meeting right now, every member a delegate.  The leaders of the party in all 50 states.  And he’s calling their whole system corrupt.  I noticed the Chairman of the Republican Party of Montana, Sen. Essmann, who I know a little bit about, said he didn’t appreciate that kind of talk at all.  He was speaking for all of them.  Nice move, Donald.

There’s a basic rule in politics.  Don’t insult the people who have a vote.  And the only people who have votes, the ones that matter, are the delegates to the State and National Conventions.  I don’t think Trump understands that.  What else can explain these moronic statements?

He doesn’t understand what a political party is.  Apparently, very few people do.  It’s a private association, like the Sierra Club, or the NRA.  Anyone can join, and be a member.  If you want to participate, other than just by voting, you have to go to meetings.  They’re boring.  99% of people aren’t that interested.  So the 1% make the rules.  And one rule they’ve had, since the very beginning, over 150 years ago, is that you have to win with a majority. And that’s not going to change.  And the more Trump whines about it, the more pissed off these people get.

He’s not getting to 1237, so he’s going to lose.  Will there be riots in the streets?  Normally, Republicans don’t riot, so we’ll see.  Does this mean Cruz can never beat Hillary?  Without the Trump vote, Republicans don’t have a chance?  Don’t bet on it.

The best news I heard out of the RNC was the fact that several Western members talked to Cruz about the transfer of federal lands to the states.  Alaska’s own Peter Goldberg was one of them.  Way to go, Peter.  I look forward to hearing about it in Fairbanks.

There needs to be a Far West States Caucus in Cleveland.  All twelve states of the Far West should band together to demand that the issue of the transfer of federal lands should be part of the Republican Platform.  It shouldn’t be that hard.  It gets the issue some publicity, since Trump is opposed to the idea.

I’m hoping for some thunderstorms.  The moisture is good for the wildflowers, and a good rain just freshens things up.

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