What Manafort knows, and Trump doesn’t

Paul Manafort’s been around, and knows how the game is played.  He’s an old pro, a hired gun who’s been through it all.   That’s why Trump is paying him.  But Trump won’t listen to him.  Trump doesn’t need to listen to anyone.  He’s a very smart person, who went to a very swank business school.

The RNC members that Manafort was wooing in Florida are players. They’re all delegates, some of them unbound.  And they’re the nominal leaders of the Republican Party in the state they come from.  They have influence, and power.  If you’re looking to close the deal, as Manafort did for Ford in ’76, these are the people you’re going to be dealing with.  If Trump is 50 or 100 short after June 7th, he wants some credibility with them.  After today, he has none, and he’ll never get any.

What he told them was complete B. S.  He just made it up.  There was nothing to it but his imagination.  Trump’s not going to tone it down.  Forget about it.  How do you think he’s gotten as far as he has?  By being Mr. Nice Guy?  Like hell, it’s the Sturm und Drang they want, and that’s what he’s going to give them.  I think Trump feeds off these crowds.  These people are crazy about him, and he’s loving it.   He’s not going to give it up.

A lot of people in the media think they know all about politics.  They really don’t, for the most part.  They’re ignorant and shallow, and simple minded.  And smug, of course.  Al Hunt, just to pick one, is the smuggest bastard on the planet, and one of the dumbest journalists in America.

There was some drama in Maine today, and they didn’t cover it at Fox News.  Very curious.  Gov. LaPage, a Trump man, is in a big fight with the Cruz people at the State Convention, and he’s losing.  Why they don’t cover this stuff is beyond me.  What happens at these State Conventions is significant, and deserves more attention.  Maybe when Prince is buried.

We had half an inch of rain, enough to extend spring a couple weeks.  This is turning out to be a really good year.

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