I can be anything your heart desires

The New Trump will be on display this Friday in Burlingame at the California GOP Convention.  This will be the first State Convention he’s attended, and, like all such confabs, will be full of delegates who have dedicated a good portion of their lives to the Republican Party, and what they believe it stands for.  And that doesn’t include Trump.

He may even read from a script.  He doesn’t do “serious” any other way, because he’s not a serious man.  He’s all gut, and insticnt.  Look where it’s gotten him.  He’s good, but only in some venues.  When talk actually gets substantive, he’s at a severe disadvantage.

This being in the Bay Area, there will be protests.  That’s what he wants.  He thrives on havoc.  If these people mix it up with any Trump supporters, it could get ugly.  All good theater for TV.  Of all the institutions that are corrupting this country, the media are the most despicable, in my mind.

It’s hard to figure John Kasich.  I put in a piece to American Thinker about him, which should be up tomorrow.  I haven’t completely given up on him, or the core of his closest supporters.  These aren’t bad people.  At some point, I think they come to their senses.  If they don’t, and Trump gets the nomination, and Clinton the election, they will be pariahs, in my book.

If Cruz wins Indiana he’s stopped Trump.  If not, it looks to me as though Kasich has to suspend his campaign.  At that point, who’s giving him money, and why?  It makes you wonder.

I looked at the results of the Kentucky primary, and as I expected Trump won narrowly by  doing well in the depressed coal regions of the south and east of the state.  But the northern part, that adjoins Indiana, went for Cruz.  Northern Indiana is part of the Midlands, and he should do well there as well.  Cruz and his campaign will do everything possible to win, and they’re good.  Where’s Larry Bird when you need him?

I was born in Berkeley in 1945, and, aside from my 27 years in Alaska, have spent almost my whole life here.  My college and law school diplomas both bear the signature of Governor Ronald Reagan.   Babbie and I went to Alaska right out of law school, because I knew I fit in in Alaska a lot better than I did in California.  Boy, was I right.

So I don’t know what to make of this state.  A whole lot of middle class whites have fled, and the Democrats have locked up the critical Mexican-American vote.   These people would go Republican if they prospered and assimilated.  But under the liberal politics of this state, neither of those will happen any time soon.

We don’t even have a serious U. S. Senate candidate, and our jungle primary will wind up giving us a choice between two Democrats this November.  The sweet part of that lemon is that one of them, Loretta Sanchez, is a blue dog, who will win with all the Republican votes.  So there’s that, and not much else.  For us sorry Republicans, that has to count as a win.

My feeling is that California Republicans aren’t a whole lot different than Republicans anywhere.  But Californians in general don’t like loud mouthed New Yorkers.  But we don’t like Texas Bible thumpers either.  Reagan was our kind of guy.  The longer you live, the more you realize how special he was.

When I started at Cal in ’62 the tuition was $85 a semester.  At UCLA Law, in 1971, it was $700 a year.  We’ve got a long way to go to get back to being that kind of a state.  I doubt I’ll live to see it.

But, banish gloom!  Babbie and I are going to a Rotary Club meeting in Scott’s Valley tomorrow, where our 12 year old granddaughter will receive an award for her school work.  She says she wants to go to Cal, just as we both did.

Go Bears!



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