Johnny and Felito, BFF

I was a bit off in my American Thinker piece today.  It’s clear to me that the media were getting close to pushing Trump across the finish line, an absolutely intolerable outcome.  Kasich had to realize this, and now Cruz acknowledges it as well.  It’s really a  no brainer for them to cooperate in preventing that sure fire calamity.

The recent California and Indiana polling demonstrated the necessity of a joint effort, not only in Indiana, Oregon and New Mexico, but in California as well.  Kasich, for instance, has a much better shot at winning San Francisco Republicans than Cruz.  Where I live, in Gold Country, it’s the reverse.  This is  Cruz country.  You could almost split the state in half between them.  In large parts of California Ted Cruz doesn’t fit very well.  It’s part philosophical, part cultural.

This should have been done sooner, but it’s just in time.  Cruz saw what happened in New York.  Cruz was shut out, but Kasich won one district  — Trump’s, in Manhattan.  There’s a lesson there for use in California.  Kasich can beat Trump in Marin County.  Cruz, probably not.

This is a great relief.  It had to happen.  This way Kasich gets to Cleveland as one of the final three.  If something catastrophic happens to either  Cruz or Trump, he’d be in the wings, ready to swoop.  It’s a Hail Mary, but we’ve all seen them work before.  He goes home to Ohio with his dignity intact, and waits for lightning to strike.

In a way, it’s a good thing that Kasich survives until the Convention.  I know Republicans in California who loathe, in equal measure, both Cruz and Trump.  There are a lot of them around the country, beginning in the U. S. Senate.  With Kasich still in it, they still have a dog in the hunt  — barely.

The South Dakota war horse, Hal Wick, will help lead the fight in Cleveland to include a platform provision endorsing a BBA using Article V.  Bill Cowsert of Georgia will hopefully have time in Cleveland to lend a hand.  Tom Llewellyn in Michigan may have a recruit in that delegation.  We’ll have delegates from all over the country getting behind this one, including, of course, Alaska.

We need to have a similar game plan for a provision on the transfer of federal lands.  Maybe Utah or Nevada can lead on that one, with all the other Far West states joining in.  It should be a piece of cake.

The blog from yesterday originally had 666 words.  I went ahead and posted it anyway, tempting fate.  Babbie was disturbed, so I went back and added two words.  Then, this morning, I wake up to learn about the newly formed Axis of Sanity.

I’m not superstitious, but I’m glad I added those two words.

I’m sorry I won’t get to see Trump’s speech in Burlingame on Friday.  You know what he’s going to say  — unify, behind me!  The only response to that line will be howls of laughter.


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