How low can we go?

We’re about to find out, in the ten remaining primaries after today.  If the American people continue to sleepwalk their way to a second Clinton Presidency, we will have descended from the greatest President of the 20th century, to the wholly inadequate Bush 1, to an Arkansas snake oil salesman, to the clueless Bush 2, to the anti-American Obama, and finally to the enabler of the only sexual predator to win the Presidency.  That’s not just downhill, that’s going over the cliff.

Of all the billionaires who piss their money away in politics, the Kochs are unquestionably the most worthless.  One of them is now cozying up to Clinton.  What have they accomplished with all their billions?  Not one damn thing.  They don’t donate to anybody.  They keep total control over their political operations, to make sure they’re not taken advantage of.  Well, they’ve succeeded at that.  But that’s their only success.  Oh, well, it’s only money.  And the country.

I think Cruz wins Indiana, keeps Trump short of 1237, and wins an open Convention.  But it’s too close for comfort.  I feel like I’m going broke, overestimating the intelligence of the American people.  I have to confess, I didn’t realize how ignorant people were about how our political process works.  People are actually outraged that some state parties have chosen to select their delegates by caucuses rather than primaries.  They obviously don’t know the difference between the two.

And why should they?  But when a raging demagogue tells them about it, and convinces these poor people they’re being cheated, they don’t know any better.  So they believe anything he says, because they believe in him.

Guys like Trump have been around forever, and forever will be.  The reason he’s having the success he is is because of what the politicians of both parties have done to this country.  They’ve lied to people about immigration for 30 years.  And the people understand that, and they hate every damn politician in the country for letting it happen.  Voting for Trump is an act of revenge against the political class.  They’ve actually got it coming.

On a brighter note, when I take my walk in the woods this evening I’m going to hoist one to a GLA  — a Great Living American, Rep. Gary Banz of Oklahoma.  Gary was a high school Civics teacher, who got into politics because he believes in all the things he taught his students about the Constitution.  He’s been in ten years, and will be term limited at the end of this session.  He’s a fervent advocate of Article V, right up there with me.  He’s been trying to get the Article V Balanced Budget Amendment passed in the Oklahoma legislature for at least four years, maybe longer.  Oklahoma is a very tough state for Article V.  I think Guldenschuh said that’s where Birchers are born.  Gary had to fight tooth and nail, doggedly, year after year.  After all that effort, his colleagues rewarded him a big “thank you” for all his service, and passed the BBA Resolution, making Oklahoma our 29th state.

The Trump Squad doesn’t think people like Gary exist.  I’ve sat in more than one airport lounge and had some stranger tell me that every politician in the country is a crook.  I tell them that I was a politician, and I wasn’t a crook, and they allow for exceptions.  But it’s a widespread attitude, and a testament, in my mind, to the deserved contempt of Congress.

The thing is, Cruz fought these people from the day he was sworn in, and he gets no credit for it.  And that’s his fault.  He needs to take on the political class, not just Trump.  He needs to channel some of that anger that voters have toward the same people he’s fought in the U. S. Senate.

Exactly how you do that is a good question.

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