If you’re a Republican, what the hell are you doing in Rhode Island?

Trump beats expectations, with low turnout, in the least Republican part of the country.  So it’s over.  Not quite.  We’ve yet to hear from the Hoosiers.

Legend says that after a particularly violent fight between two Frenchmen in frontier Indiana, a fellow French immigrant walked into the saloon, saw an ear on the floor, and said, “Whosh ear?”  Thus, hoosier.

It bills itself as the crossroads of America, and it is in the middle of things.  Under complete Republican control, its State government is something of a model for the nation.  Gov. Ducey of Arizona, for instance, sought out the counsel of former Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels when he won election.  Daniels’ successor, Mike Pence, has built upon his predecessor’s achievements, and the State of Indiana is well governed.  By Republicans.

In this it resembles Wisconsin.  Maybe the Hoosier Republicans aren’t as pissed off as the ones in Rhode Island   — whoever they are, the poor bastards.

The media is on the Inevitability Train, but I’m not getting on.  And I don’t think the Republican delegates meeting this weekend in Dewey Beach, Harrisonburg or Fairbanks are getting on either.

This thing’s far from over.  Patriots never give up the ship.

The best line of the campaign came from Fiorina today, calling Trump and Clinton opposite sides of the same coin.  The Corruptor, and the Corrupted.  That’s a great line, Carly.  Keep it coming.

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