Tora! Tora! Tora!

Two days ago I wondered how Cruz could exploit the anti-establishment mood of the GOP, and the country, given that he has been fighting the powers that be since he was elected to the Senate.  Trump is part of that establishment.  As Fiorina pointed out, he’s just the flip side of Clinton.  He has corrupted politicians  his entire career.  He learned it all at his father’s knee.  You pay off politicians, and you get rich.  That’s how the game is played.

The media won’t tell this story, yet.  Wait until he gets the nomination, if he does.  Then it will be non-stop.  He’ll be raked over the coals, mocked and  ridiculed.  Every crooked deal he’s been involved in, and they are legion, will be examined with a fine tooth comb.  Politico had a piece a few days ago, that no one paid any attention to.  It was about a stock analyst who pointed out that Trump’s new Atlantic City casino was going to be a bomb.  Trump got him fired, he was proven right, sued, and got a nice fat settlement.  If he gets the nomination, that’s above the fold for the Queen of the Hive, the New York Times.  Not just yet.

And then along comes the Loser, John Boehner.  I’m trying to think.  When he was elected Speaker in 2011, what did he accomplish?  He had almost five years in one of the  most powerful positions in the federal government.  He could have been a leader.  He achieved nothing.  Why are all the Trump people so pissed off at the Republican Party?  Because a lot of them helped Boehner get his majority in 2010.  And they helped give him a Republican Senate to work with in 2014.  He did nothing.  He refused to fight.  He was weak.

If Trump gets the nomination the Republican Party may be effectively dead.  The Boehners and the Bushes and the Barbours killed it.  Trump will be winning the nomination of a ruined institution, if he wins.

To me, personally, the GOP died in Mississippi two years ago, when Thad Cochran was reelected over a talented young conservative Congressman, Chris McDaniel.  Haley Barbour and the  Chamber of Commerce pulled it off, with a little help from that great political thinker, and whore, Brett Favre.  The money beat the people.  I was so pissed off I began to take an other look at campaign finance reform.  Maybe if you eliminated outside money coming in to a state.  I’m ready to join Wolf-Pac, and support an Article V Campaign finance reform amendment,  if they ever realize that McCain-Feingold is not the reform we need.

Totsugeki raigeki, or Tora! for short, means blitzkrieg, and that’s what I think Cruz needs to do in the next four days, at every stop he makes.  Attack, attack, attack.  Boehner has given him the perfect opening.  He can explain why Boehner hates him.  Not for who he is, but for what he’s done.  And that was tell the America people that the Emperor  — John Boehner and the Republican Congress  — was not only naked, but had no balls.

Everybody hates Congress, and damn near everybody in it.  Cruz needs to channel that anger, and explain that Trump can be a texting buddy with Boehner because they’re both part of the system.  The system that made Trump rich, and Boehner the Speaker of the House.  Of course they’re going to get along.  It’s Ted Cruz who wants to rock the boat, and that’s why he’s hated.  It’s not because he’s arrogant.   Very few on Capitiol Hill aren’t.  He’s hated because he calls them out, and exposes them for what they are — whores.  A Parliament of Whores, as P. J. O’Rourke put it.

The Powerline blog had a poll out in Indiana showing Trump up two.  It’s supposed to be a good poll.  If that’s true, there’s still time for  Cruz to pull it off.  If he goes, hard, on offense, at every stop, every day.

I didn’t get to Fairbanks.  Travel problems — a price for living where I do.  It’s worth it.  I did have a long talk with the new head of the American Lands Council, Sen. Jennifer Fielder of Thompson Falls, Montana.  That’s real country, right up against the Idaho Panhandle, not far from the Canadian border.  It’s like Alaska, where she lives.   She’s still working closely with past President, Rep. Ken Ivory of Utah.  I’m joining their group, and hope to get involved with their summer offensive.  They have great things planned, and Jennifer impressed the hell out of me on the phone.  One bright woman.  I’ve rarely been as impressed as I was with her.  I hope to get to meet her and her husband.  Babbie and I spend time in Montana every year, and maybe we could come by and have lunch.

I owe Ken Ivory an apology.  I expected him to lead the charge in the Utah Legislature for the Article V BBA, but he took a pass, and handed the ball off to Rep. Kraig Powell.  Kraig did a magnificent job  — he’s a Great Living American — so it’s not like Ken’s decision hurt us.  But I thought less of him for it.

But that was wrong.  Ken was working on American Lands Council business, and after talking to Jennifer Fielder I can see why.  They’re on to something, and have come up with a good plan.

I’ll apologize in person the next time I see Ken.

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