Johnny and Felito, BFF

I was a bit off in my American Thinker piece today.  It’s clear to me that the media were getting close to pushing Trump across the finish line, an absolutely intolerable outcome.  Kasich had to realize this, and now Cruz acknowledges it as well.  It’s really a  no brainer for them to cooperate in preventing that sure fire calamity.

The recent California and Indiana polling demonstrated the necessity of a joint effort, not only in Indiana, Oregon and New Mexico, but in California as well.  Kasich, for instance, has a much better shot at winning San Francisco Republicans than Cruz.  Where I live, in Gold Country, it’s the reverse.  This is  Cruz country.  You could almost split the state in half between them.  In large parts of California Ted Cruz doesn’t fit very well.  It’s part philosophical, part cultural.

This should have been done sooner, but it’s just in time.  Cruz saw what happened in New York.  Cruz was shut out, but Kasich won one district  — Trump’s, in Manhattan.  There’s a lesson there for use in California.  Kasich can beat Trump in Marin County.  Cruz, probably not.

This is a great relief.  It had to happen.  This way Kasich gets to Cleveland as one of the final three.  If something catastrophic happens to either  Cruz or Trump, he’d be in the wings, ready to swoop.  It’s a Hail Mary, but we’ve all seen them work before.  He goes home to Ohio with his dignity intact, and waits for lightning to strike.

In a way, it’s a good thing that Kasich survives until the Convention.  I know Republicans in California who loathe, in equal measure, both Cruz and Trump.  There are a lot of them around the country, beginning in the U. S. Senate.  With Kasich still in it, they still have a dog in the hunt  — barely.

The South Dakota war horse, Hal Wick, will help lead the fight in Cleveland to include a platform provision endorsing a BBA using Article V.  Bill Cowsert of Georgia will hopefully have time in Cleveland to lend a hand.  Tom Llewellyn in Michigan may have a recruit in that delegation.  We’ll have delegates from all over the country getting behind this one, including, of course, Alaska.

We need to have a similar game plan for a provision on the transfer of federal lands.  Maybe Utah or Nevada can lead on that one, with all the other Far West states joining in.  It should be a piece of cake.

The blog from yesterday originally had 666 words.  I went ahead and posted it anyway, tempting fate.  Babbie was disturbed, so I went back and added two words.  Then, this morning, I wake up to learn about the newly formed Axis of Sanity.

I’m not superstitious, but I’m glad I added those two words.

I’m sorry I won’t get to see Trump’s speech in Burlingame on Friday.  You know what he’s going to say  — unify, behind me!  The only response to that line will be howls of laughter.


I can be anything your heart desires

The New Trump will be on display this Friday in Burlingame at the California GOP Convention.  This will be the first State Convention he’s attended, and, like all such confabs, will be full of delegates who have dedicated a good portion of their lives to the Republican Party, and what they believe it stands for.  And that doesn’t include Trump.

He may even read from a script.  He doesn’t do “serious” any other way, because he’s not a serious man.  He’s all gut, and insticnt.  Look where it’s gotten him.  He’s good, but only in some venues.  When talk actually gets substantive, he’s at a severe disadvantage.

This being in the Bay Area, there will be protests.  That’s what he wants.  He thrives on havoc.  If these people mix it up with any Trump supporters, it could get ugly.  All good theater for TV.  Of all the institutions that are corrupting this country, the media are the most despicable, in my mind.

It’s hard to figure John Kasich.  I put in a piece to American Thinker about him, which should be up tomorrow.  I haven’t completely given up on him, or the core of his closest supporters.  These aren’t bad people.  At some point, I think they come to their senses.  If they don’t, and Trump gets the nomination, and Clinton the election, they will be pariahs, in my book.

If Cruz wins Indiana he’s stopped Trump.  If not, it looks to me as though Kasich has to suspend his campaign.  At that point, who’s giving him money, and why?  It makes you wonder.

I looked at the results of the Kentucky primary, and as I expected Trump won narrowly by  doing well in the depressed coal regions of the south and east of the state.  But the northern part, that adjoins Indiana, went for Cruz.  Northern Indiana is part of the Midlands, and he should do well there as well.  Cruz and his campaign will do everything possible to win, and they’re good.  Where’s Larry Bird when you need him?

I was born in Berkeley in 1945, and, aside from my 27 years in Alaska, have spent almost my whole life here.  My college and law school diplomas both bear the signature of Governor Ronald Reagan.   Babbie and I went to Alaska right out of law school, because I knew I fit in in Alaska a lot better than I did in California.  Boy, was I right.

So I don’t know what to make of this state.  A whole lot of middle class whites have fled, and the Democrats have locked up the critical Mexican-American vote.   These people would go Republican if they prospered and assimilated.  But under the liberal politics of this state, neither of those will happen any time soon.

We don’t even have a serious U. S. Senate candidate, and our jungle primary will wind up giving us a choice between two Democrats this November.  The sweet part of that lemon is that one of them, Loretta Sanchez, is a blue dog, who will win with all the Republican votes.  So there’s that, and not much else.  For us sorry Republicans, that has to count as a win.

My feeling is that California Republicans aren’t a whole lot different than Republicans anywhere.  But Californians in general don’t like loud mouthed New Yorkers.  But we don’t like Texas Bible thumpers either.  Reagan was our kind of guy.  The longer you live, the more you realize how special he was.

When I started at Cal in ’62 the tuition was $85 a semester.  At UCLA Law, in 1971, it was $700 a year.  We’ve got a long way to go to get back to being that kind of a state.  I doubt I’ll live to see it.

But, banish gloom!  Babbie and I are going to a Rotary Club meeting in Scott’s Valley tomorrow, where our 12 year old granddaughter will receive an award for her school work.  She says she wants to go to Cal, just as we both did.

Go Bears!



What Manafort knows, and Trump doesn’t

Paul Manafort’s been around, and knows how the game is played.  He’s an old pro, a hired gun who’s been through it all.   That’s why Trump is paying him.  But Trump won’t listen to him.  Trump doesn’t need to listen to anyone.  He’s a very smart person, who went to a very swank business school.

The RNC members that Manafort was wooing in Florida are players. They’re all delegates, some of them unbound.  And they’re the nominal leaders of the Republican Party in the state they come from.  They have influence, and power.  If you’re looking to close the deal, as Manafort did for Ford in ’76, these are the people you’re going to be dealing with.  If Trump is 50 or 100 short after June 7th, he wants some credibility with them.  After today, he has none, and he’ll never get any.

What he told them was complete B. S.  He just made it up.  There was nothing to it but his imagination.  Trump’s not going to tone it down.  Forget about it.  How do you think he’s gotten as far as he has?  By being Mr. Nice Guy?  Like hell, it’s the Sturm und Drang they want, and that’s what he’s going to give them.  I think Trump feeds off these crowds.  These people are crazy about him, and he’s loving it.   He’s not going to give it up.

A lot of people in the media think they know all about politics.  They really don’t, for the most part.  They’re ignorant and shallow, and simple minded.  And smug, of course.  Al Hunt, just to pick one, is the smuggest bastard on the planet, and one of the dumbest journalists in America.

There was some drama in Maine today, and they didn’t cover it at Fox News.  Very curious.  Gov. LaPage, a Trump man, is in a big fight with the Cruz people at the State Convention, and he’s losing.  Why they don’t cover this stuff is beyond me.  What happens at these State Conventions is significant, and deserves more attention.  Maybe when Prince is buried.

We had half an inch of rain, enough to extend spring a couple weeks.  This is turning out to be a really good year.

Thanks to Bush we have Trump

Bush 1 squandered the Reagan Revolution.  He really didn’t  believe in it, or in Reagan (who was so ignorant he practiced voodoo).   Bush 2 pissed away what his father didn’t get around to.  In eight years he destroyed the Republican brand.  He was such a nincompoop he paved the way for the disastrous Obama.  He was profligate and weak, just like Daddy.

But the Bushes weren’t done yet with their destruction of the Republican Party.  Bush 3 ran the worst Presidential campaign in memory, and in the process helped cripple the brightest star in the party  — Marco Rubio.   He wouldn’t say a peep about Trump.  Say this about the Bushes.  They’re consistent.  And the three of them, sequentially, have brought the Party to the point where it will have to be saved by the very people they despise  — the conservatives who are the real Republican Party.

These are the people who will be delegates to the State and National Conventions.  They’ve been involved in the Party for some time, or they wouldn’t be there.  These are not, by and large, Chamber of Commerce types.  There are some country club Republicans, but not that many.   Most of them will tell you they’re conservatives first, and Republicans second.  They’re involved in politics because they believe in things like the Constitution and free enterprise and upholding honorable American traditions such as the family and the military.  They’re idealists.

They have heroes, who they admire for the courage they showed in fighting for and creating this country.  They like to think they have some of those same traits themselves.  It looks like they may be the ones who will stop Trump.  If so, it will  be something to tell their grandkids about.

I don’t see him getting to 1237, and at that point these people have to hold firm.  I believe they will, because of who they are.  They’re true believers, and they won’t move.

If Trump were to get the nomination Hillary wins the general.  At least she’s not a nut.  And I don’t think this country survives as a Constitutional Republic  if she’s elected.  We lose the Supreme Court, and the last vestiges of the Constitution.  It’s over, and let’s not talk about the tsunami of debt that’s just over the horizon.  This country would be headed for a major Depression.

Those are the stakes in this nomination fight.  Because Trump can never beat Hillary.  The media would do to him exactly what they did to Nixon  — destroy him.  They can’t wait.

Indiana is not an interesting state.  It’s surrounded by Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois, in the middle of the Middle West.  It should go for  Cruz.  I’ll  bet a lot of conservatives from its neighboring states will try to help out.  I know I would.

Never before, and perhaps never again, has Indiana been this important.  For some odd reason, it seems appropriate this year.  No one knows where the word “Hoosier” comes from.  But they’re proud of being Hoosiers, even if nobody knows what it means.

Is this a great country, or what?

Donald Trump’s San Francisco values

Cosmopolitans, like Trump, are nonjudgmental, and tolerant to a fault.   In California, it’s taken to an extreme.  I’ve learned from experience not to use the “n” word —  normal  — in conversations here.  It’s inherently judgmental, since it assumes there must be abnormal, as well as normal.  So you can’t say it.  The most annoying thing about these people is their air of superiority.  Smug is a bigger problem here than smog.

So to Trump, a man who thinks of himself as a woman should be able to use the woman’s bathroom.  He’s an open minded guy.  Or, rather, a slavish follower of fashion.  The problem is, the whole thing is crazy, and everyone half way normal knows it.  When a movement succeeds, its followers should disband.  Civil rights for blacks and other minorities, equal rights for women, and tolerance for homosexuals have all been achieved to a great extent.  But the fight must go on nevertheless.  There must always be some new mountain to climb.  So these people wind up taking things to absurd extremes, and the drive for LGBT’s to use the bathroom they want is the most patently absurd of all.

And I guess Trump, living in his little bubble in Manhattan, doesn’t get it.  This guy is out of touch, or else he’s outsmarting himself.  If he thinks this defense of LGBT rights will get him votes in California, he may be right.  But it will cost him a lot more.  Paul Manafort, you’ve got some work to do.

And there the dope is in Indiana yesterday, talking about how all these delegates for Cruz have been bought and paid for.  What an idiot.  The RNC is meeting right now, every member a delegate.  The leaders of the party in all 50 states.  And he’s calling their whole system corrupt.  I noticed the Chairman of the Republican Party of Montana, Sen. Essmann, who I know a little bit about, said he didn’t appreciate that kind of talk at all.  He was speaking for all of them.  Nice move, Donald.

There’s a basic rule in politics.  Don’t insult the people who have a vote.  And the only people who have votes, the ones that matter, are the delegates to the State and National Conventions.  I don’t think Trump understands that.  What else can explain these moronic statements?

He doesn’t understand what a political party is.  Apparently, very few people do.  It’s a private association, like the Sierra Club, or the NRA.  Anyone can join, and be a member.  If you want to participate, other than just by voting, you have to go to meetings.  They’re boring.  99% of people aren’t that interested.  So the 1% make the rules.  And one rule they’ve had, since the very beginning, over 150 years ago, is that you have to win with a majority. And that’s not going to change.  And the more Trump whines about it, the more pissed off these people get.

He’s not getting to 1237, so he’s going to lose.  Will there be riots in the streets?  Normally, Republicans don’t riot, so we’ll see.  Does this mean Cruz can never beat Hillary?  Without the Trump vote, Republicans don’t have a chance?  Don’t bet on it.

The best news I heard out of the RNC was the fact that several Western members talked to Cruz about the transfer of federal lands to the states.  Alaska’s own Peter Goldberg was one of them.  Way to go, Peter.  I look forward to hearing about it in Fairbanks.

There needs to be a Far West States Caucus in Cleveland.  All twelve states of the Far West should band together to demand that the issue of the transfer of federal lands should be part of the Republican Platform.  It shouldn’t be that hard.  It gets the issue some publicity, since Trump is opposed to the idea.

I’m hoping for some thunderstorms.  The moisture is good for the wildflowers, and a good rain just freshens things up.