Freedom or ignorance. Choose one.

Before television, and then smart phones, a lot of people used to read.  Reading makes you think, and if you are unthinking you are vulnerable.  It’s not just the Trump cult.  The American people have given up thinking for themselves, it seems.  It’s too hard.  If they don’t wake up, they’re going to lose their country.

There will still be something called the United States of America, but that’s just a name, and a place.  Without our Constitution this country is no different than any other.  The source and expression of American exceptionalism is the Constitution.

Nothing more perfectly expresses the contempt the Democratic Party has for the Constitution than the shock shown by Speaker Nancy Pelosi when she was asked about the constitutionality of Obamacare.  “Are you kidding?” she asked.  The very idea that a law passed by Congress would be unconstitutional befuddled her.

The Clintons are no different.  They’re criminals at heart, and they would never let the Constitution stop them from doing anything.  We’ve got one party that was interested in the Constitution, the Republicans.  As far as I’m concerned, that’s the reason to be a Republican. If Trump is nominated, and Clinton elected, there will be at least five Justices of the Supreme Court who don’t give a rat’s ass about the Constitution.  Put out the lights, the party’s over.

This country’s on the verge of losing it.  Every Republican who sidles up to Trump is either a whore or an idiot, or both.  This man is a disaster.  He will destroy the Republican Party, and he doesn’t care one bit.  The Republican Party means nothing to him.  He’ll walk away from the chaos he’s created with a big smile on his face.  How many guys can destroy a political party that’s as old as Lincoln?

This will end in Cleveland, not before.  If the Republican Party is to commit suicide, 1237 delegates will have to vote for it.

I’ll say this for Lindsey Graham, he’s got balls.  Where are all the other pillars of strength in the Republican Party?  What a sorry excuse for a bunch of so called leaders.

I don’t watch Fox News any more.  I’m a CNN man now.  Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes have disgraced themselves, and everyone on their network.  They’re pathetic.

At long last Ted Cruz called out the press today, in the person of Chick Tod and NBC.  He openly accused the NBC brass as being activist Democrats.  Trump is a media creation, a brilliant example of packaging and marketing.  Once he’s served his purpose he’ll be discarded like a used kleenex.  This is all true, but getting the truth out in this media environment is hard to do.

Rather than talk repeatedly about repealing Obamacare, maybe  Cruz should explain to people on the campaign trail exactly what’s going on.  The media willfully created Trump, in an deliberate effort to sabotage the Republican Party.

It is a time for truth, isn’t it?

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