Uniting the party, National Enquirer style

You have to chuckle whenever you hear anyone talk of Trump uniting the Republican Party.  It’s really hard to unite something you’ve pissed all over.  And what, exactly, besides Trump himself, is the party supposed to unify behind?  His political philosophy?  He doesn’t have one, all he’s got is attitude, and that attitude is repellent.

So he’s got one serious challenger left, who he hopes to take out in Indiana tonight.  Ted Cruz may or may not win the nomination, but he has acquired millions of Republican admirers.  Trump wants these Cruz voters to come around to him.  So he naturally cites a National Enquirer article to accuse Rafael Cruz of being an accomplice in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  Way to go, Donald!  That’s the ticket!  You sure as hell know how to unite the party!

He’s like a 16 year old with a hot car and a case of beer.  He’s just got to piss people off.  It’s his nature.  If you can’t see that, and that it disqualifies him from the Presidency, you’re really not paying attention.

I learned a lot about politics after I got into the State Senate in 1982.  Among my 19 colleagues I had two with complete integrity.  Everybody else was weak to some extent.  It’s probably worse today.  As I watch Republican politicians go soft on Trump, I’m reminded of these guys.  These are not honorable men.  They are almost exclusively focused on what’s in it for me, what’s good for me?

But delegates to a state convention aren’t in it for themselves, for the most part.  There are a whole lot of state conventions still to be held, 19 by my count.  Will these delegates roll over for Trump?  I don’t think so, but we’ll see.  These are people who are paying a lot of attention to this nomination fight.   I can’t imagine these people “uniting behind Trump”.

The casual slander of Rafael Cruz, a Great Living American, won’t be the last we’ll hear from Donald Trump, compulsive arsonist.  He’s liable to keep it up all the way to the Convention, especially if he’s provoked.  As the delegates to Cleveland watch this buffoon in the weeks leading up to the Convention, they have to be asking themselves  — my vote is going to give the nomination to this clown?  That’s why it isn’t over until he gets his 1237th vote in Cleveland.

And that’s why it’s important for Cruz to keep fighting, regardless of tonight’s result.  If Trump is nominated, and the Republican Party burns to the ground, someone is going to need to rebuild it.  Handing the keys over to the Arsonist right now doesn’t help lay the groundwork for the reconstruction that must happen.  He must be resisted to the last day.  Giving in one inch to him ratifies him, in a sense.  He’s not a serious man, he’s a dimwitted celebrity.  He should never be accorded any respect whatsoever.  He is anathema.

Cruz took off the gloves today, after the attack on his father.  He called out Murdoch and Ailes, at long last.  I think he should have done it long ago.  Attack the media, all of it.  Not just Fox, although they deserve special contempt, as either apostates or whores.  But the entire media is in on the game.  I’ve lost track of how many times Trump has made some political screw up, and the entire media has willfully ignored it.  The example that comes to mind was on Feb. 21st in Vegas.  Trump tried to explain his position on the transfer of federal lands by citing his ignorance of the subject.  Two minutes later he exhorts his audience to punch somebody, and that’s all we hear.  The glaring admission he made, of his own ignorance on an important issue, was never reported.  By any media.  I googled and found it at Twitchy.com.

In crisis there is opportunity, and if Trump gets the nomination we may still have one card to play.  I talked to Biddulph about it today, and I’m enthused.  I haven’t really considered it, because I never seriously thought Trump could win.  It’s an idea that only works if Trump does win, so I’ll wait a while before I jump in.  But the ducks are in line.

It would be a political shot heard around the world.

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