Abbott for President — a man and a plan.

Ben Sasse won’t do it, so who do we want to go third party?  Someone with a fresh and exciting message.  An elected official from an important state, where a victory would go a long way toward throwing the election into the House.  A proven conservative, smart and appealing.  The man who fits the bill is Governor Greg Abbot of Texas, running to promote his “Texas Plan”.

He made a big splash when he announced it in January, but he’s got it on hold until next year, when state legislative sessions convene.  It’s like the Convention of States approach, except it’s far better.  Rather than have what is an essentially open Amendment Convention, he has nine specific proposals.  Most importantly, he does not have Congressional term limits.  As important as that is, it’s a deal killer in many state legislatures.  As much as anything, the inclusion of term limits killed any chance of success for the Convention of States.  I’ve been there, personally, and seen it happen.

What it does have is everything else a beating conservative heart could desire.  If adopted, it would save the Republic.  It’s worth fighting for.  The nine Amendments restrict all three branches of the federal government, and empower the States.  Abbott’s a smart guy.  The Texas Plan is a winner.  Regardless of what happens this November, it’s worth fighting for, for a long time.

The way to promote it is to run for President as an Independent.  You don’t need to form a third party.  Just pick a running mate (lots of good choices there) and get on the ballot in as many states as possible.  I haven’t looked into it, but I believe he could get on almost all of them, including, most importantly, Texas.  I think he’s got until the end of June to file in Texas.

And Texas is the key.  If he can win Texas and just a handful of western states, he could deny anyone 270.  The key to winning the electoral votes of the Far West is the Second Sagebrush Rebellion, which is well underway.  The American Lands Council is seeing to that, beginning this summer.  Win Texas, Alaska (an easy one), Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Colorado and you pull it off.

I really don’t know much about Texas, or Texans.  I’m like Rooster Cogburn, when his young Texas Ranger partner started talking about drinking water out of a boot heel in the sand.  “I’ve never met a Texican yet that didn’t.”  But these people just had some of their own dragged through the mud by the Arsonist.  Most of these people know a little about Ted Cruz and his family.  They didn’t appreciate that unflattering photo of Heidi that he tweeted.  But when he slandered Rafael Cruz, a good man, who many Texans admire, I think he hit a nerve.

Greg Abbott and Ted Cruz know each other very well, going back to their days working together in the Texas Solicitor General’s office.  I’m sure their families know one another. I’m sure Abbott knows Rafael Cruz’s personal life history.  I wonder what Greg Abbott thought about Rafael being labeled an accomplice in the assassination of a President?

An Abbott candidacy could save conservatism.  It would give us all some place to go.  And it would forever ruin any chance of a Trump Presidency.  And I think it could help save the Senate.  There are a lot of states where a Republican Senate candidate would benefit, politically, from spurning Trump, and supporting Abbott.

Romney is said to be considering this.  But we need a fresh horse, one with no baggage, from the key state of Texas.  Everybody could get behind Abbott.

And if it’s thrown into the House, Abbott’s the next President.  There are no electoral votes in the House, and each state is free to vote as it pleases, regardless of the electoral outcome in their state.  It would be over on the first ballot.

There is nothing to prevent any of this from happening.  All it takes is a few good men.  And a lot of good women.

The spring has reached its zenith, and we’ll see summer soon.  If the summer’s like the spring, this is a very special year.


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