The silence of the hive

Mitt Romney was criticized for carrying a dog kennel on top if his station wagon on a family vacation.  As I recall, he was also accused of hazing a classmate in high school.  That’s all the dirt they had on him, but they ran with it.

In his long and tumultuous life, Trump has said and done a lot worse, and we’ll hear all about it this fall. But not just yet.  Only when he is officially nominated will the dogs be turned loose on him.  There will be so much to chew on, it will be hard to know where to begin.  Clinton and the Hive will ruin him.  He’ll react like three year old, and take down anyone too closely associated with him.  That means you, Senators Johnson, Ayotte, and Portman

One reason I was wrong about Trump was my belief that Rupert Murdoch and Fox News were conservative, and had the resources to expose the various sordid episodes in Trump’s life when the time came.  But they passed.  They weren’t conservative at all.  Foolish me.  Roger Ailes stands guilty of political treason.  I have more respect for the New York Times, meaning none at all.

When Jeff Bezos bought the WaPo I was intrigued.  His adopted father, whose name he bears, was a refugee from Cuba, like the fathers of Cruz and Rubio.  He has shown a bit of a libertarian streak.  I thought under Bezos the WaPo might distinguish itself from the Hive, and its Queen, the NYT.  But nothing of the sort has really happened.  He’s too busy with Amazon, or really doesn’t care.  Did he notice that Trump accused Rafael of being complicit in the Kennedy assassination?   Does he know the similarities between Rafael Cruz and his own father?  Does the possibility of a man like Trump having a shot at the White House bother him?   All he needs to do is gather his WaPo team and tell them it’s time to win a Pulitzer Prize, and take down Donald Trump now, before the Hive does.  It would make sense, but I suppose it’s like trusting Murdoch and Fox.  Money is what apparently drives these people.  You’d think they would feel some responsibility, if not as journalists, as Americans.  Silly me.

I wrote an article about the 1998 Republican candidate for Governor, a Trump type named John Lindauer, and submitted it to the Washington Examiner.  It’s an interesting story, which I’ll post here in a couple days.  It shows what happens when a political party has integrity.

Let’s say you’re Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, running for reelection.  What’s best for him, embracing Trump, and being forced to defend the indefensible, or supporting the Independent candidacy of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott?  If he supports Abbott, what will all the Trump cultists do, vote for the liberal, Trump-hating Democrat?  Maybe, maybe not.  If Toomey supports Trump, how do the independent women of PA react?  They should be disgusted that any spineless wretch would stoop so low for votes.  What if he just says it’s up to the voters to decide the Presidency, and takes no position?  He wants to return to the Senate to help keep the country half way sane.  It’s a hell of a lot better than being a Trump man.

And what about turnout?  There are a ton of voters who hate both Clinton and Trump, and they’ll stay home.  These are the voters who would cost the Republicans the Senate, and possibly the House.  We need to give these people someone to vote for.  We need an Independent, like Greg Abbott.

When Abbott announced his Texas Plan for nine Amendments through Article V, he said it was clear that the reforms our political system needs can only come from the States, via Article V.  Congress will never enact them, because they disempower the federal government, and thus Congress.  This is a man who has given a great deal of thought to our dire situation, and has the courage and ambition to launch an unprecedented  initiative to deal with it.  He proved to me that he was a serious man, and a patriot.

Will he answer the call of duty?



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