How high’s the water, Papa?

We gotta head for higher ground, can’t come back ’til the water comes down, five feet high and rising.

Tick, tick, tick goes the debt bomb, but we’ve decided to ignore it.  Maybe it will just go away.  Adding a half a trillion a year doesn’t seem to be anything to worry about any more.  We can’t sell our debt to Japan, China, or any other creditor, but we can print money, so there’s no problem.  Anyone who thinks Speaker Ryan, soon-to-be Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and either President Clinton or Trump will get together and fix things is a believer in unicorns.  Things are going to get a lot worse in this country over the course of the next four years.  Medicare and Social Security are going broke, we can’t adequately fund our military, and the aging population will need more and more entitlement spending.  Taxes will surely be increased, but the revenue will be offset by the slowdown in economic growth they will cause.  Fundamental reforms are desperately needed, and neither a Trump nor a Clinton Presidency will be up to the task.

If it’s President Trump who is presiding over this stroll into an economic depression, the Republican Party may as well hang it up, like the Whigs.  Let’s just start over with a new one.  Republicans were tied to Hoover for over 20 years.  We won’t have 20 years.  Some people believe in Trump.  I think his Presidency would be a disaster, for him, the country, and the death of the GOP.

With Clinton it would be worse.  A Trump Supreme Court appointee would be a Chris Christie type, a moderate.  But no liberal, and that’s something.  Because Clinton would find another Sotomayor, and there would be a five vote majority to do a frightening amount of damage to the Constitution, for perhaps a generation.

Unless we use Article V.  If we have a successful Amendment Convention for the BBA, the code to the kingdom of Article V will have been broken, and the door left wide open for further Amendments.  One of the very best, in both Levin’s Liberty Amendments and the Texas Plan, would allow 2/3 of the States to overturn a Supreme Court decision.  What’s not to like about that?  I get a tingle in my leg when I think about it.  Another one in Greg Abbott’s Texas Plan would require seven votes on the Supreme Court to overturn a duly enacted statute.  I’m not as crazy about that one, but I could be convinced.

Forget the Supreme Court.  Article V is more important.  And if Trump’s elected Article V is dead.  He opposes it, and he’ll say it’s now unnecessary now that he’s in charge.  He doesn’t give damn about federalism, or the Constitution.  He’s a Mussolini.

If it’s President Clinton it will be full speed ahead for Article V.  We’ll probably get to 34 next year, and if it’s Majority Leader Schumer he won’t set the time and date of the Convention, which means we’d have to wait for the Republican takeover of the Senate after the 2018 elections.  From 2018 on Article V will be running on all cylinders, and whatever damage The Clinton Majority on the Supreme court can do, Article V can undo.  In case you haven’t looked into it, there’s literally nothing Article V can’t do, except reduce a State’s suffrage in the Senate.

And our candidate in 2020 will  be running against a haggard, scandal ridden, and thoroughly unlikable woman named Clinton, a failed President.  Exactly 100 years later, a second landslide of 1920 proportions.  And for the same reasons, under the same political circumstances.  I should write a book.  And what did the 1920 election produce?  The Roaring 20’s, in case you hadn’t heard.  By God, we can do it again.

The drought broke in the Gold Country this year, but only for one year.  The climate in this part of the country will be drier than it’s been.  We’re on a well, and some not too distant neighbors have had theirs go dry.  So our front lawn is going brown, and we’re off irrigating anything.   Except I’m trying to save a patch of green in the back, for the deer.  It’s not grass, it’s natural ground cover, which they eat.  This is deer country, and I have a little herd that hangs around the house a lot.  Ever since I lost Bud, my black lab, a few years ago, they feel right at home here.

I live in beautiful country.


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