Your neighborhood could be next

When Bush 1 signed the Civil Rights Act of 1991 (allowing discrimination against whites and Asians based on statistics alone) he kicked the white working class in the teeth, and began the expulsion of Reagan Democrats from the Republican coalition.  Sen. Susan Collins of Maine is attempting to kick the white suburban middle class in the teeth.  She has a competing Amendment to one by Sen. Mike Lee, and they may be voting on it as I type.

Lee would stop a program known as Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) which empowers the federal government to go into middle class suburbs which are too white, and force them to adopt policies to correct the situation.  If they refuse, they lose federal funding.  These federal bureaucrats enforcing this policy are affirmative action fanatics, and have no problem jamming extremely expensive and disruptive remedies on totally innocent communities. They’re just too damned white.

Sen. Collins supports AFFH, and her amendment would allow it to continue.  This is what’s wrong with the Republican Party.  If you got a focus group together of people living in a community likely to be targeted by AFFH, and explained what it was to them, they would explode in anger.  Why the hell does the federal government need to come into our community and tell us how to run it?  But that doesn’t matter to Sen. Collins.  She’s for racial justice.  If some white people are discomfited  by it, oh well.  It’s for a higher cause.

I wonder how Sen. Murkowski will vote?  She follows Collins instinctively, but this is an election year, so we’ll see.

Donny Deutsch was on WADR today, and I have to listen to this guy.  I think he’s a straight shooter, and he’s smart as hell.  He was talking up Trump’s chances.  Let’s see what he has to say when Trump’s tax returns get leaked.  Things that can turn a general election in a Democrat’s favor tend to come to light.

But I can now see scenarios where Trump could win.  But they all involve him acting normal, so they’re all far fetched.  If we get another San Bernadino, God knows what happens.  And if anti-Trump protesters keep rioting, as they did in California, things could go weird.

Trump did a normal thing today, and to his credit came up with a fabulous list of potential Supreme Court nominees.  His problem is that he’s got to continue to be normal, and it goes against his nature.  But a New Hampshire poll cited on WADR says 80% of millennials can’t stand Clinton, and most of them prefer Trump to her.  Holy Hiawatha!  She is one terrible candidate.  But that number is a killer.  And, as Donny Deutsch pointed out, she really has no way to move it.  She’s stuck.

I swear to God, if it wasn’t for the stakes involved, this campaign is actually turning in to a comedy TV reality show.  Maybe this is the way campaigns are now won, by conducting competing TV reality shows.  For people who don’t read, it’s informative, and entertaining.  And it doesn’t require any thought.  Just watch the show.

I have long maintained that nobody knows anything, and that belief is fortified by events on a daily basis.

Institutions are crumbling and cracking.  Print journalism, publishing, higher education, and the law, too.  I’m a practicing lawyer for 42 years, and an active member of the Alaska Bar Association.  When I joined this guild, Babbie and I found the key to my modest personal fortune.  We started a debt collection business that you had to be a lawyer to do.  Anybody with medium intelligence could have done what I did.  But my guild, the bar association, had the power to prevent anyone but a member from performing this routine function.  Babbie did most of the work, which was secretarial, and intense.  When we came back to California she had to have her finger prints taken in order to become a notary public.  But she didn’t have any, and she flunked.  She’d typed the prints off her fingers.

I didn’t give out too much advice to my boys when they were growing up.  But I did tell them that the key to the whole thing was to marry well.

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