Tell it like it is

As much as I despise Donald Trump, the man, I will acknowledge a bold stroke when I see it.  He’s going where no one without real chutzpah can go, and I’ve got to admire it, especially because the target of his attack is one of the few American politicians I loathe more than Trump, himself.

I despise them both for pretty much the same reason.  In the real world, where you don’t have a security detail or the Secret Service, you don’t get away with the things these guys do.  Babbie and I saw a terrible movie, “The Nice Guys”, last night, where Russell Crowe plays a street level enforcer.  The only part of the movie that I enjoyed was the opening scene, where Crowe breaks a sex pervert’s jaw with his brass knuckles.  That’s the kind of thing that would happen to a man like Clinton or Trump if they didn’t have security.  Trump acts like a tough guy, but it’s all show.  He’s a pussy, and so is Clinton.  There are guys that can handle themselves in a physical altercation, and there are guys that can’t.  These two get to play the Big Man role from behind a security line.  They’re punks, both of them.

But Trump, as far as I know, didn’t try to take advantage of women the way Clinton did.  If you’re not familiar with all the details of the Paula Jones story, you don’t realize what sort of sordid behavior Clinton routinely engaged in.   The articles that David Brock wrote for the American Spectator back in the 90’s were amazing.  He talked to the Arkansas State Troopers who were Clinton’s bodyguards.  It wasn’t just Paula Jones.  It was what he just did.  It was who he was.  He’s a sick son of a bitch, whose jaw I would have broken with pleasure if the opportunity arose.

So, hell yes talk about Bill Clinton’s sex scandals.  Bring the damn things up every day.  Politically, it’s genius.  And all it takes is guts, which Trump has.   Because when you really understand what Clinton was up to, you realize that Hillary is as bad as he is.  She knew what he was doing to these women.  She could care less.  They were trailer trash, to hell with them.  She hated Bill for it, but she covered for him anyway, because he was her ticket to power.  Disgusting.

And their response was telling.  If this is the best they can do, they are in serious trouble.  They talk about Trump profiting from a real estate bust?  That’s so weak it’s a tell.  They don’t know what to do.  It’s amazing.  This scandal has been around for 25 years, and they still don’t have an answer for it?  You’ve got to be kidding.  And all it took was Donald Trump tweeting and talking.  Fortune favors the brave, but this is ridiculous.

I think I’ve finally figured Trump out.  It took an appearance by Donnie Deutsch on WADR to make me see it.  Trump is Donnie Deutsch.  He’s a PR guy, a brand guy, a marketing guy.  He just markets himself.  And he’s very, very good at it.  No one has ever done what he’s done.  It’s absolutely brilliant.

Sen. Barrasso of Wyoming will chair Platform.  I now am quite confident we’ll get both Article V and the Transfer of Public Lands into the Platform.  Barrasso knows all about TPL, and we have Bill Cowsert of Georgia and others carrying the Article V torch.   This means I don’t need to do anything more promoting either one of them.

There were quite a few Italians in the early days of the Far West, and the fact that Wyoming has two Italian American Senators is a small coincidence.  The greatest historian of the Far West was Bernard Devoto, from Utah.  If you want to learn the history of the Far West, it’s all in his books.  My favorite was 1846: The Year of Decision.  Devoto was an absolutely wonderful writer, and I’ve read and reread everything he’s written.  A lot of people don’t realize it, but when you’re on Highway 80 in Nevada, you’re on the California Trail.  If you ever drive it, imagine walking across it, with worn out stock hauling a wagon.

They were our ancestors.

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