The Constitutionalists

Cartman must be Cartman.  And Trump must be Trump.  He is, by nature, a belligerent loudmouth, and he is true to his nature.  It got him to where he is today.

It doesn’t always work.  When he went into Wisconsin and trashed Scott Walker, I think he paid a price.  I have a hunch there are a lot of voters in New Mexico who really like Gov.  Susana Martinez.  I do.  At the 2012 Convention she told the story of working for her family’s small security firm as an undersized teenage girl, packing a Smith & Wesson .357.  Our kind of gal.  If you insult her to her own voters, in her own state, you should pay a price in November in New Mexico, a purple state.  But, says the Donald, I gotta be me.

Sometimes there may be a method to his madness.  The Hispanic federal judge presiding over the Trump University scam lawsuit didn’t like being insulted by Trump, and it may well hurt him in the court case.  Trump understands litigation, and knew he was hurting his case.  But he may figure he needs a scapegoat if he loses, and now he can blame his loss on a biased Hispanic judge.

But Trump continues to go with his gut, and his gut tells him to insult people.  His tribe likes it.  He’s a tough guy.

The Johnson-Weld ticket has appeal, but when Johnson mocks the idea of building a wall he loses me, and I imagine a lot of others.  That’s not how you peel votes from Trump.  Trump is basically with the people on the issues, including refugee immigration, the wall, and NATO.   The Libertarians need to appeal to tea party Constitutionalists.

A Constitutionalist is a person who believes in the strict construction of the Constitution, and is willing to base his vote on that principle.  Since neither Trump nor Clinton even understand what strict construction even is, a Constitutionalist can’t vote for either one of them.  I believe Gary Johnson is a Constitutionalist, and I want to vote for him on that basis alone.   But he’s got to understand that lax immigration policy is a killer, politically.

Reagan Project Co-founder Darren Pettyjohn will be married in September, and this weekend Babbie and I met the in-laws.  The fish are jumping, and the cotton is high.




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