What’s the harm in talking?

When you think about it, the term “libertarian” makes more sense than liberal or conservative.  And Ted Cruz is almost a libertarian, in my book.  How do “social conservatives” such as Cruz differ from libertarians, politically?   Both Cruz and Johnson believe in overturning Roe v. Wade, and returning control over abortion laws to the States.  I believe both Cruz and Johnson believe that state legislatures, not federal courts, should make the laws of marriage within their states.  I don’t think Cruz is all hot and bothered that some states are legalizing marijuana.  It’s a state decision.

They disagree about what should happen at the state level.  But at the federal, Presidential level, they basically agree:  hands off, none of our business.  Cruz had some success appealing to the libertarian vote once Paul dropped out.  I’m Exhibit “A”, myself.  He understands that he is naturally allied with the libertarian wing of the Republican Party.  He’s an ardent federalist, and federalism is a libertarian concept, beloved of the Framers.

Cruz was a little dodgy on foreign policy, but he rejects neoconservatism and foreign adventurism and nation building.  And once he really thinks it through, he’ll understand that the people of this country will absolutely refuse to send soldiers to Europe to fight the Russians.  That will not happen, and NATO is dead, and Cruz needs to come to grips with it.

And since Cruz and Johnson basically agree on fiscal and regulatory restraint, and federalism, and the Transfer of Public Lands, why don’t have a little chat?  Off the record, of course, and just between friends.  The thing is, Cruz can’t say it, but he can’t stand Trump, and believes he’ll destroy the Republican Party.  When Trump gratuitously called his father an accomplice to the Kennedy assassination he pissed Ted Cruz off for life.   It’s personal.

And what, exactly, does Ted Cruz owe the Republican Party?  They fought him when he ran for the Senate four years ago, they fought him every day in Washington, and they set the nomination process up in a way to make it hard for him.  Sure, he wants the nomination in four years, but he owes the GOP nothing.  They did everything they could to stop him.  And like any sane American, he worries about this country for the next four years.  Things may get really bad if we don’t change, soon.

Ted Cruz should do what he can for Johnson, behind the scenes.  Or maybe, down the road a bit, even in the open.  No one has any idea of how things will play out for the next five months.  Everything seems in flux.  Things that once seemed outlandish may become possible.

Bill Fruth has been working on the Assembly of State Legislatures meeting for the last few weeks, and it should go well.  The set of Proposed Rules they’re working on will be helpful next year as we push for 34.  Tom Llewellyn continues to work on getting the Article V BBA into the Platform at Cleveland.  And Loren Enns has apparently left Florida and will be hanging out in the Far West, promoting the BBA Resolution in Arizona, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.  Fruth thinks with $100,000 of media we could get Montana, and I think he’s right.  Maybe this is the year we raise some money.

The last twelve months have been amazing, from an historical political perspective.  The next twelve might be more of the same.  I guess I’d rather live in interesting times than not.

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