Discriminate or die

Webster’s:  “To discriminate is to separate like things one from another in comprehension or use by discerning minute differences.”

Armenians and Chechens are distinct ethnic groups from the Caucasus.  Looking at them, they’re similar.  But the differences between them are far from minute.  As distinct from Armenians, Chechens are among the most violent people on earth.  They’re raised that way, and they like the way they are.  The Boston Marathon bomber was a Chechen, and he acted like one.

Pashtuns are from the Pakistan-Afghanistan border region, and rival the Chechens in their ferocity.  They’ve been this way since forever, and they don’t intend to change.  From all accounts, the Orlando killer was a proud Pashtun, just like his immigrant father.

Because we don’t discriminate against Chechens or Pashtuns, we allow them to immigrate to this country.  It cost us in Boston, and it just cost us 53 lives in Orlando.  Because we refuse to discriminate, we die.

This is why Trump could get elected.  People have had it with being patsies.  Some whack job from Chechnya or Pashtun claims he’s a refugee, so we bring them to our country, where their sons kill us.  And Obama gets on the tube and says we have to be nicer to LGBT people.  No wonder people vote for Trump.

Trump’s a charlatan and a liar, but he’s also an unabashed patriot.  To a lot of people, that makes up for a lot.  Almost a year ago there was a lot of chatter about authenticity in the presidential candidates  —  who had it, and who didn’t.  Trump comes across as authentic, even if he’s not.  And he is authentically patriotic, which is more than you can say for the internationalist, U.N.-loving, cosmopolitan Clinton.  She’s a sophisticated woman of the world, who believes, along with her husband, in one world government.  So advantage Trump.

I saw Jeff Sessions on the tube and he said we have to vote for Trump or we’ll lose the Heller decision, and the Second Amendment.  But Sessions doesn’t know who Trump would appoint to the Supreme Court.  Nobody knows,  not even Trump.

Trust Trump?  Forget it.

The first thing I thought when I heard about the shooting in a gay bar was that it wouldn’t happen in a cowboy bar.  But it turns out you can’t carry concealed in any bar in Florida.  Safety, don’t you know.  There are a whole lot of concealed carry permit holders in Florida, and I’m sure some of them are gay.  If one of them had had his weapon, and knew how to use it, he could have saved dozens of lives.  Isn’t it a little odd that these slaughters occur in “safe zones”, like college campuses, and black churches, and public schools, where weapons are prohibited?  Actually, no, it’s not.  You’ve never seen a shooting at an NRA meeting, and you never will.  There is no safety in disarmament, only danger.

We have a right not only to keep, but to bear arms.  There’s a reason the word “bear” is in the Second Amendment.  It means carry, as in carry concealed.  I  carry all the time, and to hell with the law.  I have a constitutional right that supersedes any law.  I’m 70, with a lot of white hair  — a polar bear, according to some inner city blacks, a target for sucker punching.  Except I’ve got an ankle holster and a .38.  I try to avoid some black parts of Oakland, as does every sane white person.  I’m not Charles Bronson.  But self protection is the only thing between me and harm to me and mine.  And if I am not for myself, who will be for me?

Orlando was not a black swan.  The odds were in the terrorists’ favor.  They only have to get it right once, and there are a lot of them.  I can’t help  but feel this is going to keep happening.  If Trump were a normal Republican it would be enough to elect him.  But he’s a bullshit artist, a con man, and it’s going to catch up to him.

I haven’t checked out Johnson’s position on the Second Amendment, but he’s from the Far West, and a libertarian, so I’m sure he’s solid.  But he needs to rethink his position on immigration.



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