Mi casa no es su casa

Since we’re all stuck on the same continent, we need to have tight relations with our neighbors.  Canadians are crazy about hockey, but otherwise they’re more or less Americans without a Constitution. Mexicans are the ones we need to work a deal with.

The problem is, Mexican history is a joke.  They celebrate their American Native ancestry, but the cold historical fact is that one bad ass Spaniard and 500 men took down their whole civilization.  And the descendants of those Spaniards still call the shots.

And then there’s that little embarrassment called the Mexican-American War, when we stole half their country, with malice aforethought.  When you read the history of that war, if you’re a Mexican, you can’t feel very proud of your country.  There were many brave Mexican soldiers, but their leaders were worthless cowards.

For instance, the Governor of New Mexico in 1845 had a real opportunity to defeat the invading American army under Kearny.  As they came south to Santa Fe the Americans had to pass through a narrow canyon, easily defended.  The local Mexicans had it all set up, and it was going to be a tough fight, but then the Governor grabbed all the money he could get his hands on and skedaddled.  The pass was never defended, and the Americans waltzed into Santa Fe, and conquered the capital of New Mexico without firing a shot.  The entire Mexican government was utterly corrupt, and we bought their country as much as we stole it.

The Mexicans may see things differently, but those are the facts.  And when a Mexican talks about Reconquista he’s talking about getting that land back.  And that subculture of America called El Norte in American Nations is a symptom of that.  But they’re doing it by infiltration, and birth rates, not with an army.  And it’s working for them, but it’s reached its limit.

If I was Gary Johnson, while Trump is flying off to see Putin, I’d go to Mexico City and spend some serious time with the Mexican President.  Johnson’s from New Mexico.  When he had his construction company, I’ll bet most of his employees were Mexican-Americans, and I’m sure he had good relations with them.  It’s good business.

Babbie and I spent a few days in New Mexico recently, in Taos and Santa Fe.  It has a different feel to it than any other part of the country I’ve been in, a kind of an El Norte feel.  It’s sort of a Mexican-American state.  Mexicans and Americans have been living beside one another, and often intermarrying, for a very long time.  Kit Carson’s beautiful young wife was a Mexican girl from Santa Fe.  I got the feeling that there wasn’t a lot of Anglo-Mexican problems.  People seemed to get along.  Of course, I was mainly in the nice tourist sections, but I still think I’m right.

What I’m driving at is that Gary Johnson is a perfect guy to have talking to the Mexicans.  He may speak Spanish for all I know.  We need to work out an understanding with the Mexican government on immigration.  They need to stop Central Americans from crossing their country to get to ours.  And we need some controls, and limits on immigration from Mexico.  If the Mexican government actively cooperated with us on an agreed immigration system, it could work.

At some point, the good sense of the American people is going to have its way, and immigration from around the world, especially the Middle East, will be tightly controlled.  I think that has to happen, or we get more Orlandos, and then the American people get totally pissed off, not just the Trump people.  Part of that will include working with the Canadians and the Mexicans.  Johnson should get a head start on it.

Immigration is an issue that will be addressed in this campaign, and it’s going to hurt Clinton.  I want that issue working for Johnson, as well as Trump.

When I was fifteen a few of my friends and I decided to make some money working the fields at $1.25 an hour.  We got out to the Central Valley and got hired to do some weeding with a hoe.  Nobody lasted more than a few hours.  The people doing the work were all Mexicans, with a couple of blacks.  I think of that every time I drive in the Central Valley and see the workers in the fields.


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