Johnson and Romney need to talk

I always thought Mitt Romney had some serious Daddy issues.  His father was a better man than he is, and he wanted the Presidency, at least in part, to redeem his father’s good name.  George Romney had a good shot at the ’68 nomination, but then he said he was brainwashed by what American officials told him in Vietnam, and it was over for him.  He was made to look foolish, and somehow unqualified.  Son Mitt would erase that memory.

Romney lost the election in the second debate, when he allowed the female moderator to interrupt and contradict him.  Maybe he was too much of a gentleman, or maybe he lacked self-confidence, but that moment of weakness sank him.  Candidates matter.  No statistical model in the world can factor in a critical moment like that.

But after Perry’s back gave out on him, Romney was the best we had in 2012.  I think he earned a lot of good will in that campaign.  He has a wonderful family, and he did a damn good job, all in all.  Then came the hurricane and the Christie hug, and it was over, just like that, almost as though it wasn’t meant to be.  Most Republicans think well of Romney, in my opinion.

So when he told CNN that he’s open to voting Libertarian this year, it’s worth noticing.  The VP pick, Weld, has a special appeal to him, as a predecessor Republican Governor of Massachusetts.  Potentially, this is a big deal.  How often does the previous Presidential nominee of a major political party endorse a different party’s candidate in the following election?  Like, never.

So it would be news, especially in Utah, which should be the initial target of the Johnson campaign.  How about a presser in Salt Lake making the announcement of a Romney endorsement?

Romney may feel, as I do, that both Clinton and Trump would continue the degradation of the Constitution.  If he feels as strongly about constitutionalism as I do, that’s a major reason to go with Johnson, who is also softer on immigration than Trump, which might also appeal to Romney.  And Johnson is an honorable man.  I’ll bet that means a lot to Romney.  Clinton’s a criminal, and Trump’s a nut, so Johnson looks pretty good in comparison.

The hangup might be NATO, and hawkishness in general.  Romney’s an Atlanticist, with close ties to the British.  His wife is the daughter of Welsh immigrants.  But, then again, he’d probably take anybody over the unpredictable Trump.

Now that Putin has seen the oppo research on Trump from the DNC, will he share it with the Donald?   Inquiring minds want to know.

“Free Trade is Dead” according to Clyde Prestowitz in the Washington Monthly.  This guy’s an old pro, and what he says makes sense.  During the Cold War we gave away a lot in trade deals, for geopolitical reasons.   Our number one national priority was defeating the Communists, and we allowed that to interfere with what normally would have been our self interest.  We’ve continued to do it, even though the Cold War is over.  In other words, these one way trade deals are an artifact of the 20th century, just like NATO.

What I want is Trumpism without Trump.  The son of a bitch just happens to be right on the big stuff, like unfair free trade, NATO, and immigration.  But, unfortunately , he’s a fruitcake.   When he goes down, we’ve got to make sure it’s understood that it was not because of what he said.  He’ll lose because of who he is, not what he thinks.

I have a tendency to pronouncement.  Back in 1846, when we were in the process of taking California, the local Mexican government was divided between two caudillos, who had no real resources at their disposal.  All they had was hot air, which they let out in what was called a Pronunciamento, proclaiming their latest orders to the people.  It was all a joke.  Many, if not most, of the Californio estate owners were in favor of becoming American.  People like Vallejo.  So there really wasn’t much to the whole thing.

Except the Battle of San Pascual, where Kearny’s remnant of an army was surrounded, and Kit Carson and another guy slipped through the Californio lines and walked barefoot across thirty miles of rough country to San Diego, where help was summoned.

I don’t live far from the Carson Pass over the Sierras, which I think is cool.

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