The teaching of the Church

Christianity has been around for 2,000 years, and its teachings should not be lightly discarded.  When I was a little boy my church, the Catholic, taught me that of the seven deadly sins, pride was the most offensive to God.  I’m sure Judaism has a similar view, as did the Greeks.  The people who put pride at the top of the list were wise men, who thought things through.  I’ve never spent any time thinking about ethics, morals or philosophy, so I’m prepared to accept the thoughtful opinions of the ancients.  Pride is the greatest sin, in my book.

And Trump is a sinner, and will pay for his sin, if he hasn’t already.  The man is practically a peacock.  And I think it’s wearing on people, and will only get worse.  He’s not going to change, and his act is already stale.

The Clintons and the Hive haven’t even really started on him, and he’s in deep trouble.  These polls are pre-Orlando, and I think Trump gets a bump out of Orlando.  But he needs a lot more than a bump.  70% disapproval, and 55% saying they will never vote for him?  My God, by the time they’re done with him he’ll be in single digits.

Alan I. Abramowitz and John Sides of the WaPo analyze their polling in a way that tells me Johnson has an even better chance than I thought.  33% of the voters hate Trump, and like Clinton.  30% of voters hate Clinton, and like Trump.  23% of voters hate them both.  That number, 23%, is where Johnson starts from.  I’m one of those people.  I’ve never voted Libertarian in my life, and I’m about to.  So will a whole hell of a lot of that 23%.  So, if you look at it that way, he’s only ten points off the lead.

Johnson’s running as a Libertarian, which takes in a lot of territory.  His challenge is to narrow the focus of the campaign to those aspects of libertarianism which are most appealing to the broader electorate.  Specifically, I’m suggesting he emphasize his dedication to the Constitution.  There’s nothing in the Constitution that gives the President, or the federal government, the right to tell the states anything about the peripheral parts of libertarianism  — legalization of drugs, abortion, gay marriage, etc.  Therefor Johnson’s opinions on those subjects are irrelevant to his campaign for the Presidency.  Whenever anybody asks him about those issues, he should refer them to the Constitution.

That’s how he can get the support of Sen. Ben Sasse, who’s also a member of that 23% that I belong to.  And he’s an ardent, principled constitutionalist.  There are others like him.  Somebody just has to take the plunge.  The wind seems to be blowing in that direction.  It’s as though there’s the scent of blood in the water.

Mayor Dan Sullivan is still putting together his campaign for the Senate.  He says he’ll only  need 45 days to do it, so he’ll start in after the Fourth of July.  I like that, the idea of shortening the campaign.  I think it’s smart.  Why waste the time, energy, and money, when all you need is 45 days?  Some of the conservative groups who he hopes will fund his campaign want to meet him face to face, which is only reasonable.  Once he meets them I’m sure they’ll be on board.  My God, they backed political novice Joe Miller six years ago, and they dislike Murkowski even more now.

He’ll probably start off in Ketchikan, up through the Inner Passage to Valdez, where his grandfather was the U.S. Marshall back in the Gold Rush days.  Then up to Fairbanks, where his father was a United States Marshall in the early  50’s.  Then down the railbelt, through Anchorage, where he and his father were successful two term mayors.  Add in some flights to the Bush, and you can do that in 45 days, easy.  So Mayor Dan has his schedule all worked out, in his head, at least.  He may not be the man his father was.  Damn few are.  But he’s got enough of old George in him to get it done.

From  my personal perspective, it would be justice done.

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