All the world is strange, save thee and me

And even thou art a little queer.

We really do live in two different worlds.  I sit here in amazement at the fact that gun control is the political lesson of Orlando.  In truth, the only real defense against terror shooters is an armed citizenry.  You need a gun to take down a man with a gun, and if he’s intent on mass slaughter he’ll do his deadly business far from the police.

I read an article by a retired SEAL recommending an AR-15 for home defense.  It’s easy to use, and deadly as hell.  I’ve never wanted one before, but times change.  Maybe I’ll get one for Christmas.

Bill Clinton blames his support for a gun control law for the Democrat’s loss of the House in 1994.  Nationally, it’s a political loser.  I can’t recall any Democratic Presidential candidate emphasizing their support for gun control in a campaign.  But apparently that’s Hillary’s plan.  I think she’s jeopardizing Pennsylvania and the Upper Midwest.  Kiss off the Far West, that’s for sure.

Since he’s from the Far West, I’ll bet Gary Johnson knows a few things about guns.  Most everybody in this part of the country is comfortable with firearms.  Trump’s support of gun rights is as real as his hair, and he’s vulnerable on this issue.  Johnson may find real political benefit, at least in the Far West, from running hard on the Second Amendment.

Johnson needs to make some news, get some earned media.  It takes imagination.  It’s the kind of thing Trump excels at.  But you can’t be timid.  You’ve got to earn that media.  You need a Donny Deutsch type guy, a publicist.  I know.  You could get film of Johnson riding around in a tank.  Oh, wait.  Dukakis already tried that.

I’ll be disappointed if Brexit loses.  Brexit is a form of federalism, and I’m all in on federalism, all around the world.  Get government as close to the people as possible.  Local control, local customs, local laws.

That’s the way it was set up in this country, but for a century now the progressives have centralized power.  I continue to believe that the tide has turned, and that political power will be decentralized in this country, via Article V.  It will be a turning point in our political history.

This election ought to be about reigning in the power and scope of the federal government.  It’s a discussion the American people are ready for.  But Trump just wants control of the federal government, so we won’t have that debate this cycle.

Unless, of course, Johnson makes it an issue.  The issue is Transfer of Public Lands.  There are some very cool places in the Far West you can go to have a political event to promote TPL.  Cruz chose Couer d’Alene, Idaho, which is surrounded by federal forests.  Johnson may know of some in New Mexico.  Use that as a backdrop for making an announcement on TPL  — such as the endorsement of the TPL legislation being developed by the American Lands Council.  That’s what I’d do.

Why do pollsters decline to include Johnson in their polls?  I don’t get it.  Is there a reason?  He’s at around 10%, so he’s definitely a factor.

Trump needs to do something to stop the bleeding.  He needs to change the narrative.  He’s been very good at that, but that was before the press really turned on him.  It will be harder now.  Who knows what he’ll come up with?  That’s the thing with this guy.  You never know.

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