To be politic is to be tolerant

One sentiment that annoys me more than most is political purity.  I’ve seen it on the internet from pro-lifers who refuse to support Gary Johnson because he’s pro-choice.  These people need to get off their high horse and realize the situation we find ourselves in.  It’s dire.  Clinton would be four more years of Obama, with a little corruption thrown in.  It might be better with Trump, but it might not.  With this guy, you never know.  Do we really want to hand the keys over to this sixteen year old with a six pack?

Orlando was right in his wheel house, but he blew it by patting himself on the back for being right.  The only way to explain such stupidity by a man who is not stupid is by reference to his ego.  It’s never satisfied, it must be constantly fed.  That’s why the rallies are so important to him, and why he can’t let them go.  These rallies are just a giant ego trip for Donald J. Trump, American strongman, worshiped by millions of adoring fans.  And his fans want entertainment, and he knows how to deliver.  He can’t be Presidential, he has be an entertainer.  He won’t let it go, it’s like an intoxicant.  The adoration of the crowd can be addicting.

Johnson will appoint another Clarence Thomas to the bench, if he has any intelligent libertarian lawyers advising him.  Scalia was a great conservative.  Thomas is even  better, a libertarian.  And if Johnson gets another vacancy he could appoint a second Justice, whose vote could overturn Roe v. Wade, the goal of the pro-life movement for 40 years.   As President, all of Johnson’s judicial appointments would be from the Federalist Society, or close to it.  Aside from those appointments, there is nothing Johnson would do which would affect the pro-life cause.  Don’t worry about federal funding for abortion.  Johnson doesn’t  believe in federal funding for damn near anything.

Libertarians such as myself have supported people like Ted Cruz even though he’s much more conservative on social issues.  That’s just politics.  You don’t get a whole loaf.  Now we’re asking social conservatives to return the favor.  Considering the alternatives, it’s not too much to ask.

I think Trump is an American Jean-Marie LePen.  LePen never won the big prize.  He’s an old nut, and called the Holocaust a “detail of history.”  So his much more intelligent daughter, Marine, kicked him out of his own party, which she now leads.  I hope she becomes President of France.  I am a very big fan of Marine LePen.  If Brexit passes, there may be a chain reaction of nationalism across Europe, which just might do it for her.  Here’s hoping.

And, of course, the Donald has his very own Marine LePen in his daughter Ivanka.  This is the kind of woman who could do pretty much anything she wanted to.  I hope, for her sake, it doesn’t include politics.  She looks like too much of a mother.

This country feels like it’s coming apart.  Something’s got to give.  It’s like you know an earthquake is coming.  All you can do is wait.  After it’s over, my gut tells me that the Center will have less power than it has today.  Sanders was an attack on the Center.  Cruz and Trump are both attacks on the Center.  And Gary Johnson hates the Center most of all.

The Center will not hold.  It must federalize.

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