O brave new world, that has such people in’t.

If the American colonies had been given seats in Parliament, there would not have been taxation without representation, and the Revolution of 1776 might have been avoided.  But it was impractical, because of the distances and travel times involved.

Today there’s no reason the English could not send Congressmen to Washington to represent them.  Great Britain is losing Scotland, with Northern Ireland a question mark.  There may be logical ways to provide what remains with multiple states, such as separate statehood for Londonistan and Wales, so that total representation in the United States Senate would consist of a total of ten Senators.

Rather than leap into this new arrangement, a transitional bilateral treaty could begin a gradual confederation.  Other parts of the Anglosphere might want to participate as well.  James Bennett, and his The Anglosphere Challenge, deserve another look.  The predictions in Zeihan’s The Accidental Superpower are unfolding before our eyes.

While this idea of English statehood is only semi-serious, it represents one of many possibilities that Brexit includes.  The world changed with that vote.  How it changes is up to the people who made it happen.

Brexit was an attack on the Center from both left and right, with disgruntled Tory and Labour voters uniting to form a majority.  Trump, Cruz and Sanders voters also span the ideological spectrum, united in their disdain for the corruption and arrogance of the political establishment, aka the Center.

The EU was morphing into a multi-national superstate, which spelled its doom.  Its demise is the end of such experiments.  The Soviet Union and Yugoslavia are other recent examples of the failure of such entities.  Federalism, localism and the fully sovereign nation-state are the future.

Statehood for England is a mind attack, and just one of many possibilities as the Old World Order breaks up.  The last time something like this happened was a little over a hundred years ago, as the Russian, German, Austrian and Ottoman empires collapsed after World War I.  The international response was the League of Nations, a pathetic joke, and some toothless  disarmament.  We’ll do better this time.  With change, there is hope.

The Center cannot hold.


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