For what does it profit a man . . .

. . . to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?

For Englishmen, money isn’t everything.  Brexit’s the proof.  For a majority of the English, at least, part of their soul is their national identity.  It’s the same, to a greater or lesser degree, in every country that deserves the name.  I’m a husband, a father, and a Christian American, in that order.  I share my human identity with about seven billion other people, so my loyalty to humanity is attenuated.  I’ve got one wife, three children, and one country, and those bonds are strong.

The title of Tom Wolfe’s most recent novel, Back to Blood,  was prophetic.  I think we’re going toward smaller and tighter communities.  It’s just a fact of life  —  people are more comfortable around people they have things in common with.  Article V is part of this movement, as it attempts to take power from the Center and distribute it among the 50 States.

NATO is walking dead, the UN is a joke, and the EU is on its way to the junk pile.  And the 21st century is only getting started.  Wouldn’t it be nice if it was a century of devolution?

Babbie and I spent the weekend in Seattle, visiting in laws to be.  Traffic on Sunday was hell because of their Gay Pride Parade, which is a very big deal, with thousands of  spectators along dozens of blocks.  Seattle is becoming more and more like San Francisco.  This is what the people of Seattle want, and it’s their choice.  I live in a part of the Far West called Gold Country, and we don’t want to be like San Francisco.  Far from it.  Our choice should be respected  by all those yuppies in Seattle.  But they want my money and my guns, for openers, so they are my political enemies.

Lew and son Kirk Uhler and Loren Enns are teaming up for an August road trip through Wyoming, Montana and Idaho to try to drum up money and support for the Article V BBA.  Lew is hoping to get Foster Friess to have a function in Jackson, and Greg Casey is setting something up in Idaho.  I’ll see if I can get something doing in Bozeman.  Lew is now 85, I believe, and is rededicating himself to the cause that he’s been leading for 35 years.  There’s just no quit in him.

By a happy coincidence, Babbie and I will be in Bozeman so that she can assist our daughter-in-law to be in preparing for the Labor Day wedding.  Our visit coincides perfectly with Lew’s plans, so I’ll get a chance to introduce him to my family.

Istanbul demonstrates the necessity of an American led police action in the Middle East to wipe out ISIS.  A while back some retired general said the 82nd Airborne could get it done in 72 hours, but that would require a President with balls.  In WW II the 82nd had a deserved reputation as a unit that played by its own rules, no holds barred.  You’d have to let these guys loose if you want it done quickly, and Obama would never do that.   So we’ll do nothing, and from now until the election we’ll probably have several more Istanbuls.  It’s almost as though the Lord is looking out for Donald Trump.  No, that’s blasphemous.  Things just keep breaking his way.

The Benghazi Report reveals Barack the Bloodless.  He’s in the situation room, and he knows what’s happening.  He gives some orders and walks away from it.  The next day he didn’t have time for his Daily Intelligence Briefing.  He really didn’t care that much about it.  He had a fundraiser to go to, a campaign to run.

A man ambivalent, at best, about the country he leads.

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