Assume the worst, you won’t be disappointed

Now that I’m finally wrapping my head around the possibility of a Trump win, I assume the worst.  To believe in this man is to make an act of faith that I consider foolish, and I won’t do it.  If the Constitution, and liberty, are your core principles, you have no basis for hoping for a champion in Donald Trump.  The Presidency is not for egomaniacs and charlatans.  He believes, apparently, that he can make America great again.  He can do no such thing.  The American people made this country great, and will do so again if the government allows them.  The return of American greatness will require a massive rollback of the federal government, and there’s no reason to think he would do any such thing.  Cruz would have tried, and that’s why he should have won, but he didn’t.

Goldwater would have done it as well, and the Gipper tried.  But his first priority was winning the Cold War, and he couldn’t do both at the same time.  When Gingrich came to power in ’94 I had high hopes for a devolution of power, but it never happened with Clinton in the White House.  Bush 2 was a big business Republican, and big business really doesn’t mind big government.  For the most part, they get along just fine.  So I’ve been involved in politics for 52 years, and I’m still waiting for an attack on the Center to succeed.  I’ve decided it’s not going to happen, no matter who we elect.  If Cruz had won he would have had 30 strong allies in the 245 member Republican House Majority.  That’s not enough to hold a counter revolution, which is what is needed.

Congress is the enemy, regardless of Party.  The Democrats are mainly national socialists, and the Republicans are, by and large, place holders and whores.  Congress has all the power it needs.  A Congress with balls would impeach half the Supreme Court for violating their oath to protect and defend the Constitution.  None of them has the guts even to introduce the Articles of Impeachment.

I’m having a hard time maintaining interest in this election.  I can’t stand Clinton or Trump, and Johnson’s nowhere to be seen.  His silence is deafening.  Do something, man.

When I got back into politics in 2013 I had no particular interest in who won the Presidency in 2016, and after a bout of involvement, I’m back to where I started.  My main interest in 2016, all along, has been in the elections to State Legislatures, and here there’s some good news.  Our best chance of a pickup is Kentucky, where if we flip two House seats we’ll have majorities in both chambers.  We’re ready to go with our sponsors, and Kentucky would be easy pickings in 2017 for the Article V BBA.   And I think we win those House seats, even with Trump at the top of the ticket. gives Kentucky to Trump by eleven points, and I don’t generally argue with those guys.  The thing is, Clinton is hated in Kentucky, so we’re in good shape there.

Elsewhere, we’ve got problems.  The other states we’d hoped to flip were Maine, Minnesota and Washington, where has Clinton up by 10, 10, and 14.  The worst case scenario is the Democrats flipping a State back, like New Mexico.  New Mexico is one of our 28 states, but we got it a very long time ago.  The State Senate is already Democrat, and if the D’s take the House, they could rescind us.  I have other states on my worry list as well, but there’s nothing to do but sit back and watch this whole sorry spectacle.  Nothing good will come of it, and all we can hope is that out of the wreckage we have renewed interest in Article V, which is, and has been, the only solution to our problems all along.

Most everyone agrees that this is the craziest year in politics they’ve ever seen.  For Article V, that’s a good thing.  It’s the Last Resort, the Constitution’s emergency brake, and it’s never been used for a reason.  Up til now, there was always hope it wouldn’t be needed.  But those days are gone.  This year the Constitution’s only champion is a quixotic Libertarian.

Constitutional conservatives may not have a candidate, but they have a cause  —  Article V.  It’s time to pull the cord.



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