Pence for President

I haven’t really dived into Trump’s head to figure out where he’s really coming from, even though he’s got a one in four chance of getting elected.  Those are odds you get for flipping a coin twice and getting heads both times, so it could happen.  And the police massacre in Dallas, the Orlando shootings, and unknown tragedies to come in the next four months could even make him a favorite.  But he’s too impulsive to rely on, even if you think you did have him figured.  The fact that he’s a bully, a braggart, a coxcomb and a liar mean, to me, that he’s not worth the effort.

But his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and his daughter Ivanka, both seem like intelligent and sensible people, and I believe he takes their advice seriously, if no one else’s.  And they have got to be telling him to pick Mike Pence of Indiana as his running mate.  It just makes so much sense politically, that it’s a no brainer.  Christie’s just a mini-Trump and Gingrich is a whack job, and Gen. Flynn on the ticket does him no good.

Trump is taking heat for offering to defend Article Twelve of the Constitution, which has seven Articles.  But there are 28 Articles of Amendment, and Article 12 of the Amendments may be what he was referring to.  It’s been used twice, most famously in 1824, when John Quincy Adams won in the Corrupt Bargain.  In 1836 the Whigs had a plan to beat Van Buren by throwing the election again into the House, where they controlled a majority of delegations.  They came up short, but did succeed in throwing the election of the Vice President to the Senate.

Which brings me to Johnson for President.   If he were to win enough electoral votes to throw the election into the House, and the Republicans maintain control of the Senate, Mike Pence could be the next President.  Right now the Republicans have a majority in 33 of the 50 State Congressional delegations, and Trump would need 26 to win the election there.  But if eight Republican delegations voted for Johnson, and held tough, none of the three candidates could get a majority, and the Presidency would be vacant.  Then if 51 Senators chose Pence over the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate, Vice President Pence would assume the office of the vacant Presidency.  It would be a crazy end to a crazy election.  And I’ll wager you that almost every Republican in the House prefers Pence to Trump.  They know and admire Pence.  While he was there he was among the best of them.  He would make an outstanding President.

And, getting back to Trump’s head, what to make of this?  The Queen of the Hive (NYT) asks him if he intends to serve if elected, and he answers, “I’ll let you know when the time comes.”  What the hell does that mean?

I’m all in on honoring our veterans, but we need to all show more appreciation to the police.  What a job.  I see these guys in Oakland all the time, and I don’t envy them.  In large areas of Oakland the people they police hate them.  There’s a no-snitch code, so they get very little cooperation.  And now, especially after Dallas, every time they get out of their car, they have to wonder if some crazy son of a bitch has got him in their sights.  And they have to ask themselves, would I rather be carried by six or judged by twelve?   That may have gone through the officer’s head in the Minnesota incident.  When you’re dealing with a man with a gun you don’t take chances.

I was driving back to Kadoka for my Uncle Fritz’s burial when I got pulled over by a South Dakota State Trooper.  Foolishly, I had my registration in my center console, where I also kept my .38 in a little bag.  When I got the registration he saw the bag, and asked me if I had a gun in the car.  When I said yes he told everyone in the car to put their hands up, and hold them there, which we all did.  He got my .38, and told us we could put down our hands.  What he did was standard police procedure, and if he thought I was making a move for that gun he would have shot me, justifiably.

Well, at least I demonstrated to my sons how to handle yourself around law enforcement.  I told the Trooper we were going to bury my Uncle Fritz, and it turned out he knew the family.  So he just took my bullets and gave me back the .38.  He would have done the same thing if my skin was black.

Uncle Fritz and his four brothers are now all buried on a hill near the White River, just east of the Badlands.  They were born near there in a sod house.  All served in uniform in World War II.  I once asked my sperm donor father if he’d killed any Germans in the war, and he said no, Uncle Fritz killed enough for the whole family.

R.I. P.

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