The revolt against the center

The EU is one center.  Another is our federal government.  The center’s agenda is globalism, an essentially borderless world to be ruled, eventually, by a world government.  But the people not at the Center resent it, and wish to have more local autonomy, not less.  I think that’s the big picture, playing out all over the world, and Trump’s success is an aspect of it, as was Brexit.

Frexit now looks more likely than ever, after the slaughter in Nice.  A borderless world is a dangerous one, at least in these times.  Marine LePen could be the next President of France if this keeps up, and there’s no reason to think it won’t.  Even the Bavarians are getting frisky.  They’ve wanted more sovereignty since 1946, and this may be the time for them to make their move.

There’s no reason to believe that racial violence will subside in this country.  Eight years ago, when the first black man was elected President, blacks felt pride and hope.  Maybe they’re still proud of him, but the hope they had was misplaced.  They’re worse off today than when Obama took office, and hope is dying, so anger mounts.  I wouldn’t go near an inner city ghetto right now.  Random attacks against “polar bears” like me  can come out of nowhere.  You read about one almost every day at Real Clear Politics.

Which gets us to Trump, who Nate Silver says now has a one in three shot at winning the election.   And every Nice, and every Dallas, will increase his chances.  Meanwhile Obama plays footsie with Black Lives Matter, who are sure to figure prominently at the Democratic Convention.  Every move Clinton makes to shore up her appeal with blacks will hurt her with whites, at least as long as the memory of Dallas lingers.  Attacking the police is a sure way to lose votes, and coddling up with BLM is bad optics.

There was a time when we called them soccer moms, and they were said to be the key to winning an electoral majority.  If they start voting for Trump, he’s a winner.  One thing is vitally important to these women, and that’s security, for themselves and their children.  If they start feeling a threat to their own sense of security, that will be the issue they vote on, and they want law and order.  It’s not a dog whistle to them, it’s just common sense.  Trump understands that, and we’re going to hear about law and order from him until election day.

Because he’s brilliant with money, George Soros thinks he’s just a generally smart guy, and so he’s gotten himself involved in our politics by funding BLM.  But Soros does not understand politics in this country.  Most Europeans don’t.  And his little plaything, the BLM, could cost Clinton the election.  Thanks, George.  Another dumb ass billionaire.

We’re a live and let live society, and are therefor incompatible with Islam.  I don’t want a religious test for immigrants.  I want a political one, just like we used to have for the Communists.  Islamists are worse than Communists, who didn’t commit random acts of terror.  To enter this country from a Moslem country should require a signed oath renouncing sharia law and accepting the Constitution.  If you don’t sign the oath you don’t get in.  It’s got nothing to do with religion, except to the extent that Islam is a political and legal system radically different from our own.

It all gets down to women, and how they are treated.  Islam is an anti-woman ideology.  We’re the opposite.  This is very basic stuff, and affects everything else.

My granddaughter is twelve, going on seventeen, and for the next ten or twenty years a great deal of her time will be spent in studying and dating boys.  All that time and effort will culminate some day when she finds a man to marry.  It’s a huge part of our culture, and our whole society is organized to assist my granddaughter in her assigned task of picking a mate.  But in Moslem countries none of this happens.  My granddaughter would be betrothed to a first cousin, and she would have no choice in the matter.  The society that supports such arrangements is a very different one from that which we live in.

It’s two different worlds, best kept at a distance from one another.

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