Lay down the white man’s burden

Manifest Destiny was an American imperialist manifesto, but it only applied to North America.   We became truly imperial, in the international sense, with the Spanish-American War, and the acquisition of Cuba and the Philippines.  This stupid war, egged on by New York tabloids, gave Americans the opportunity to follow Rudyard Kipling’s advice, and take up the white man’s burden.  This was the sort of thing that appealed to the likes of Teddy Roosevelt, and for the first half of the 20th century we were, idiotically, an imperial power.  Pulled into the geopolitics of the Far East, we wound up fighting an unnecessary war against Japan.  It doesn’t get much dumber.

We are not a country interested in conquest and empire, because the Good Lord gave us the two great oceans of the world as our protectors, all the land and resources we need, and we have no fear, or need, of war.  No power on earth is a threat to us, unless all powers combine, and it is virtually impossible to see how that could happen.   There may or may not be great land wars in the 21st  century, but we won’t be engaged in any of them, because none of them are will be vital to our national interest.  Trump, I believe, understands that.  And this is why the last desperate attempts against his nomination are led by the neocons.  They stand, above all, for a sort of neo-imperialism, and are not, properly understood, conservatives at all.  Trump’s nomination will make them irrelevant in the short term.  In the longer term, they’re kaput.  They have no constituency in this country.  They were welcome allies in the fight against communism, and have been nuisances ever since.

There may not be land wars, but police actions are sometimes called for, as today one is necessary against ISIS.  Obama will not conduct one, so it won’t happen until next year.  If the recent past is any indication, we’ll have more Nices and Orlandos between now and election day, and every one will be a blow to Clinton’s chances.  Obama’s passivity is her burden, and it’s going to get heavier.

If I wasn’t, in fact, a libertarian, I’d probably cave and support Trump, because he is, in my opinion, a true American nationalist.  Cruz seems to be ready to bite the bullet.  It’s actually looking more and more likely that this crazy blowhard will be the next President, and then what are we supposed to do?  Boycott a duly elected “Republican” President?

The thing is, Johnson could have a shot at some electoral votes if he did some smart campaigning.  A new report published in Health Affairs has exciting news for people concerned about the opiod epidemic that is wreaking havoc in certain parts of this country.  The way to help solve it is by decriminalizing marijuana.  They looked at the numbers, and states with lax marijuana laws have a much smaller percentage of people getting opiod prescriptions.  Marijuana, believe it or not, has value medicinally.  To take advantage of its medicinal qualities, it needs to have its classification as a controlled substance to be changed.  It was almost going to happen, but then Big Pharma stepped in, and put a stop to it.  Marijuana, a natural drug, is a threat to the big prescription drugs, and they fight to suppress it.

Johnson knows all this.  Until recently he worked as an executive in a marijuana company.  Why doesn’t he go out and raise hell about this?  Go to New Hampshire, where opiods are a plague, and tell the story.  What’s he got to lose?

David Long is the long time President of the Indiana Senate, and a long time leader of the Article V movement for a BBA.  He knows Pence very well, and knows Pence’s feelings in favor of Article V.  I hope he gets a chance to sell Pence on the idea of getting Trump to embrace Article V and the BBA.  It has great political appeal, and Trump is smart enough to see that.  On the other hand, Trump has shown no interest in cutting back the size and scope of the federal government.  He just wants to run it, so he can make deals.  But, in this, and in everything else, with Trump you never know.  Because it’s all from the gut, and studying the Donald’s entrails has no appeal to me.

If Trump came out for Article V I’d have to support him.  It would make me feel like a whore.  But for Article V, I’ll be a whore.

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