Trump Derangement Syndrome

Until recently, I’ve suffered from it myself, and it partially accounts for my inability to acknowledge Trump’s political skills.  But after Baton Rouge, he’s got a better than even shot at the White House, so it’s time to think about him as President, however distasteful that may be. Nate Silver’s giving him a 37% shot now, but Nate follows the polls, and is a lagging indicator.

How bad might he be?  Really, really bad, almost as bad as Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Bush 2, and Barack Obama.  And that’s bad.  But he probably wouldn’t be any worse.  And he wouldn’t be any worse than Hillary Clinton.  So the country will survive him, just as we survived them.  When they designed our government, the Framers made sure that no one man could ruin it.  And no one has yet, although we’re heading in that direction, or so it seems on days like today, with three more police officers dead in the street.  That’s the sort of thing we just can’t tolerate in this country, and it’s got to stop.

Everybody hates Nixon, but six months after he was inaugurated he started pulling our troops out of Vietnam, and he never stopped.  Even the Nixons of this world can do the right thing.  Trump is capable of it as well.  The main thing is, I don’t think he has a penchant for war, and would not squander American lives overseas, as Johnson and Bush 2 did.  That’s the main thing to me.  He knows NATO is a cold war relic, nothing more than an empty American guarantee of Europe’s borders.  A guarantee that isn’t worth the paper it’s written on, because the American people will not allow it to happen.  And Trump just isn’t stupid enough to get in a war with China.  That would take someone with deep, deep stupidity.

His protege, and son-in-law, Jared Kushner seems to have as much influence with him as anyone.  I like this guy.  I admire him for winning the hand of Ivanka, and getting her to become an Orthodox Jew.  And I like the way he torpedoed Chris Christie, the guy who screwed his father, who he is extremely loyal to.  He seems like an extremely bright guy.  His father was a big time Democratic donor, but who knows with the son.

Kushner’s grandparents were Holocaust survivors, and he’s a hard core Jew.  Since he’s so devoted to his father, he may have picked up his leftism as well.  He’s as much of a cipher as his father in law.

His old man got in a business dispute with his brother in law, so he hired a hooker to get him filmed in the act, and sent the film to his sister.  I’m sorry, I kind of like this guy.  That’s pretty creative.  But Christie wanted his ass, and insisted on a full two year term, in spite of the old man’s numerous good works.  Jared Kushner didn’t forget, and Chris Christie’s role in a Trump administration will be limited.  If I wanted a friend in Washington right now, Kushner would be a guy to know.

I expect to be impressed with Trump’s acceptance speech.  It writes itself.  And this guy has a good ear.  He has a sense of where the people of this country are coming from.  And he has some things to say about it.  The guys at the Elks Club will eat it up.

The Center has been lying to us about immigration for years, and we’ve had enough.  And we want all American policies, foreign and domestic, to be decided by one principle  — what’s in the best interest of the citizens of the United States?

Why is that so hard to understand?

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