The disestablishment of the Republican Party.

Cruz was the last man standing between Trump and the nomination, because he was almost as anti-establishment as Trump.  He just got out-disestablishmented by a showman with extremely unusual talents.  The antidisestablishmentarians (I’ve always wanted to use that word) didn’t want either one of them, and never will, though for different reasons.

I hope Cruz takes on the establishment tonight, harder than ever.  They’re responsible for Trump.  They set the stage he performs on.

My friends from Alaska say they aren’t mad at Trump for having their votes stolen.  It wasn’t Trump, it was the RNC  — some pinhead lawyer who saw an ambiguity in Alaska’s Rules, and used it to give a State the shaft.  Brilliant!  Oh, yeah, he also screwed up the timing of the whole show while Alaska was being needlessly polled.  This guy’s got a bright future in politics.

He’s part of the RNC establishment that needs to go out on its ear.  The RNC is controlled by a majority of its 156 members.  Alaska has three, so 76 to go to a majority.  Start with Wyoming, which I am very pleased to see is sharing venues with the Alaska delegation in Cleveland.  These are Wyoming contacts that I will try to exploit next year in the Wyoming legislature for the Article V BBA.  Take over the RNC, and clean house on these time servers.  After Wyoming go to North Dakota and talk to Curly Haugland, and than call Morton Blackwell of Virginia.  Colorado should be eager to join.  This can be done, and it should be done.  Alaska needs some payback.

I’d like to see Dave Donley, my old friend from the legislature lead the charge.  He was the guy who objected, and called for a poll of the Alaska delegation.  He walked off the floor in disgust when they finally ruled against Alaska.  I didn’t recognize him when I saw him on C-SPAN.  It’s been 25 years.  Donley always had balls.  We served in the House together, and back then he was a Democrat. In the biggest vote in my legislative career, the vote against a subsistence Amendment, I had to keep 14 of my 16 Republican members with me, and I did.  But on the final vote I found out I had one to spare  — Dave Donley, the only Democrat in the legislature with the balls to stand up for what was right.

They’re loading a tanker in Valdez, destination Far East.  That’s the other part of the Transfer of Public Lands, the geopolitical part.   With federal Western lands transferred to the States, the entire region will boom economically.  Not to the extent of North Dakota, but big nonetheless.  The fracking revolution will double in size.  Estimates of the value of hydrocarbons on these lands is in the trillions, but nobody really knows.  You’ve got to drill, baby, drill.  We’ll be exporting our LNG all over the world, and as energy suppliers we will have influence wherever we sell.

And then there’s Alaska, and ANWR.  Open it up and export the product to Japan and South Korea, binding them tightly to us with commerce.  All of Alaska’s economy would rebound.  We could even have a timber industry again.

The impact would be felt in every corner of America, just as it was back in the pipeline days of Alaska, except this will be much, much bigger.  TPL, alone, could trigger a national economic recovery, with real jobs going to American working men, at good wages.

The good people at the American Lands Council, who are at the center of the TPL effort, don’t want to talk about this.  They say suburban women will oppose it for environmental reasons.  And they may be right, this may not be the way to sell TPL to the public.  That doesn’t make it any less true.  I’ll let Trump decide that.  How can this issue not appeal to him?  Win the West, and win the country.

It was good to see crazy Jerry Ward at the Convention, all decked out like an Indian, which he is.  I served in the legislature with Jerry, and he was a character.  A little hot headed, he nearly punched out the lieutenant governor one day.  He and his lovely wife Margaret  must be coming up on their 50th.  My regards.

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