Eric Cartman strikes again

If you don’t know who Cartman is, you should watch an episode of South Park.  He’s a fourth grade Donald Trump, with ADHD.  Because Cruz had the nerve to cite Trump’s criticisms of his family as a reason not to endorse him, Trump decided to start the whole thing over again.  He’s an incredibly unattractive man.  Who cares what he’s like in private?  I see him in public, and he could be representing my country.  Talk about your ugly American.

And then there are events, and more events, and they just keep coming.  They’re like candy to the media because they drive ratings.  Today was Munich’s turn.   The Islamists are playing pin the tale on the donkey with us.  This may be the one that puts Trump up on Clinton, or maybe it’s the next one, or the one after that.  These crazy bastards are feeding off each other on social media, and they’ll keep coming.  Any sensible American who doesn’t own a gun, and knows how to use it, should go out and get one.  It’s starting to happen even here in elitist coastal California.  And it all helps Trump, every bit of it.  He’s playing the strongman now, and reveling in his success.  There’s a danger he may get a little cocky, and somehow screw the pooch.  But don’t count on it.

I can’t see how the Democratic Convention does much for Clinton.  She’s a very unattractive woman herself.  The more some people see her, the more they dislike her.  And what’s her message?  Solidarity with the ‘hood.  She’s got to hang tightly to her base, the black vote.  There was no disorder in Cleveland, thanks to great security.  Philly could be a different ball game.  That’s a nasty town, from what I hear.

And free stuff for everyone else, the same old , same old.  Yawn.  She’s got nothing to say, and nothing she could say would change anyone’s opinion of her.  We know her all too well.

So the Trump train chugs along.

I was at a 70th birthday party of a friend of Babbie and mine in Sonoma County, the wine country, last night.  Not a Trump voter within miles.  But these are good, if misguided, people, and they don’t care for Clinton.  I think I made some converts for Johnson.  It was fertile ground.  These are like, mellow people.  And there are quite a few marijuana consumers in places like California.  These people like Johnson when you talk to them about him.  Legalization is on the ballot here in California, and will pass easily.  A growing industry of marijuana farmers is expanding rapidly.  Locals, California kids.  It’s a little mini-industry, with young capitalists starting to make serious money.  I’ve met some of these guys, and I like them.  They work hard.  It’s hand labor agriculture.

They’re all libertarians.

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