The cyber war election

John Fund at NRO says it will come to that in October, as Trump’s tax returns are leaked, and the Russians see to it that Hillary’s “personal emails” are revealed as well.  Trump will be shown as a tax evader, a charity stiffer, an associate of people with questionable ethics, and a man who earns far less money than he says he does.  Nothing new there, really.  That’s what you expect with Trump.

Clinton will be revealed as a criminal who used her office to make money.  A Secretary of State, perhaps the first in our history, who used the power and prestige of the United States Department of State to enrich herself.  At last, the true nature of the Clinton crime family will be laid bare before the public.  If it happens, she’s toast.

Unless and until Gary Johnson makes a move this is now Trump’s election to lose.  Think of all the crazy things he might do.  Like get us in a costly foreign war that diminishes our national security.  Like Iraq.  Or make a completely idiotic choice for a Supreme Court Justice.  Like Harriet Miers, or David Souter.  Or decide to push millions of unqualified buyers into purchasing homes they couldn’t afford, causing an economic meltdown and bank collapse.  Like 2008.  Or refuse to reform entitlements, but expand them instead.  Like the expansion of coverage for prescription drugs.  Or run up trillions in the national debt, and make no real effort to control it.  Like 2001-2009.  He could do a lot of damage, so much so that the Republican brand would be mud, as it’s been since 2006.  If Donald Trump is as bad as Bush 2, we’re in big trouble.

Trump doesn’t care about the Constitution, but it cares about him.  It’s designed to restrain him, and it will.  As ignorant as he is, he’ll be surprised  by how little power he really has.  He has to work with Congress to get anything done.  And the courts will be far less willing to accommodate Trump than they were with Obama.  Both conservatives and liberals on the Supreme Court will check him.  The conservatives will do it out of principle, the liberals out of political calculation, but they’ll unite against any usurpation of power.  Andrew Jackson didn’t like being overruled by the Supreme Court, but it prevailed against Old Hickory, and compared to him Donald Trump is a marshmellow man.

I read some article by a guy who was pleading with Gary Johnson to become pro-life, so the guy could vote for him.  He wants, he says, “pro-life justices”  appointed.  This guy is a moron.  You don’t want pro-life justices.  You don’t care how they feel about abortion.  You want justices who understand that you don’t legislate from the bench.  It’s only peripherally about abortion.  It’s mainly about judicial activism, of which Roe v. Wade happens to be the most egregious example.  Gary Johnson’s nominees to the Supreme Court will vote to overturn Roe v. Wade because they will be constitutionalists, like he is.  His personal pro-choice position has nothing to do with it.

I’m picturing Vladimir Putin going over Clinton’s “personal” emails.  The guy’s KGB, so he likes doing this stuff.  He knows all about all the shady deals the Clinton Foundation was involved in, and with these emails he can prove that everything she did was quid pro quo.  You donate, you get what you want.  When this all comes out in October the election is over, and Putin will have installed his personal favorite in the White House.  Not bad for the leader of a declining power.  But this is big boy politics, and bad Vlad knows how to play.  Maybe it’s the time to buy Russian bonds.  Uncle Fritz met the Russians in Berlin in 1945, and he liked them, though they were a little crazy, drinking aviation fuel to get drunk.

So the internet decides the 2016 election.  Hillary is the same age I am, and she should have known better.  I don’t understand the internet  any more than she does, but I realized with the first email I sent that I was dealing in a public medium.  No email is secure, as far as I’m concerned.  Bill Clinton is smart enough to know that, but not his wife.  In today’s world internet ignorance can kill a politician.

Another attack by a Syrian refugee in Germany.  Another cut to the chances for Clinton.  It seems like every day, another cut, and now the blood begins to flow.  Trump could win big if the facts of her criminality are undeniable.  Good God, a Trump landslide?  And then, God only knows what.

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