Man up or get out

Donald Trump needs to act more like a man, and less like a woman.  A man can handle criticism.  Most women can’t.  A man is disciplined, and in control.  He doesn’t fly off the handle, he keeps his cool.  Hysteria is for women.  They can nurse grudges for years.  Men are bigger than that.  Venting anger is a form of womanly self indulgence.  Men keep a lot of things to themselves.  Getting mad gets in the way of getting even.

Part of Trump’s act is he’s a tough guy.  I, personally, am not impressed.  Eisenhower was a tough guy.  He didn’t need to act like one.  Trump has to choose between acting like the tough guy, or being President.

The Democrats/media think they’ve found his Achilles heel, and he’s about to be tested.  The Khan family was a political master stroke.  They pushed Trump’s button and he couldn’t help himself.  They’re all sitting around figuring how they can push that button again.  These are creative people.  With few exceptions, the entire media is on the hunt for another Khan family.  They’ll find something, and spring it on Trump.  If he blows up again, he’s toast, because it would mean that he’s incapable of controlling himself.  Time will tell.

I read an article by Steve Forbes, where he says, of Europe, “Their safety is our safety.”  Uh, excuse me, Steve, but we’re not them.  We’re us, and we wish them well, but they’re not us.  Europe is one of the five great powers of the world.  They’re our best friends, but not our only ones.  We want to be friends with everybody.

I’m reading Secondhand Time, the Last of the Soviets, by Svetlana Alexievich.  It’s the story of the effect the end of Communism and the breakup of the USSR has had on the Russian people.  It’s a little depressing, and I’m not sure I’ll finish it.  A lot of these people were totally brainwashed, and still admire Stalin today.  Pity the Russian people.  The losses they suffered in World War II were absolutely staggering.  And the society they saved, in the act of saving their country, was a dehumanizing brutal tyranny.  My God, has any other people suffered more in the 20th Century?  They’re still in recovery, and it will take a while, but they’ll endure.  That’s what Russians do best.

I think I saw Trump ask an audience, “Do we want to be friends with Russia?”, and got a positive response.  As a rule, Americans like Russians.  We respect them for the losses they suffered, so that we didn’t have to, in beating the Nazis.  And they’re tough.  They survived 70 years of hell.  Their women are among the most beautiful in the world.  Oh, and we do share a common Christian and European culture.   Russian literature is among the world’s greatest.  We’re practically neighbors, only 50 miles apart.   Why would we ever go to war with these people?

Do you think they want to go to war with us?  No, so if they don’t want to do it, and we don’t want to do it, let’s just not do it.


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