Forget Putin, worry about George Soros

If you believe, as I do, that the use of Article V is the key to the restoration of constitutional government in this country, enemy number one is Dr. Evil, George Soros.  His organizations are leading the fight against us now.  The Eagle Forum has dumped its founder, Phyllis Schlafly, in part because of her embarrassing and irrational opposition to Article V.  The John Birch Society remains opposed to us, but their influence is very narrow.  Which leaves George Soros and his brood of vile leftists.

His plan is to flip Republican state legislatures, in order to get them to repeal existing Article V Balanced Budget Resolutions.  His principal target, so far, appears to be Colorado.  See here for details.  If he flips one Senate seat, and holds the House, a move will be made in the next session of the Colorado legislature to repeal an Article V Resolution which was passed decades ago.  This would be a defeat which the Article V movement would find difficult to withstand.  Week after next we’ll have a conference call sponsored by the Heartland Institute to discuss this problem.  It’s serious.

Johnson and Weld are having a town hall in Reno tonight, and I thought about driving back over Sonora Pass so I could ask a question about the Transfer of Public Lands.  But it’s about a four hour drive, so yesterday  I called up Demar Dahl, an Elko County Supervisor, and a leader in the TPL movement since Sagebrush Rebellion days.  He thought it was a good idea, and will try to get a Nevadan to ask the question.  We might even get some press.  Babbie and I drive through Demar’s district on the way to and from Montana.  It stretches from Wells, a dreary town on Highway 80, north to Jackpot, on the Idaho border.   He ranches this land, which is hard to understand, it’s so dry and desolate.  I’ve got to stop in and meet this guy next time we drive through there.  An American original.

In politics, the neatest trick is to use your opponent’s attack on you against them.  Political jiu jitsu, if you will.  The best example was when John McCain was challenged on his American citizenship when he first ran for Congress.  He was born in the Panama Canal Zone, and he answered the guy by saying that as a Navy brat he’d moved from place to place so much that the one place where he’d actually spent the most time was the Hanoi Hilton.  McCain won big.

I submitted an article to the American Thinker today on how to use the Khan attack against not the Kahns, who were surrogates, but against their principal, Clinton/Obama.  Sergeant Khan would be alive today if Hillary Clinton, among many others, had not joined the rush for war in the Middle East.  It was, in some sense, an even worse geopolitical mistake than Vietnam, and that was pretty bad.  The Khan son died a hero in a stupid and pointless war which has Hillary Clinton’s finger prints all over it.  Her vote was strictly political.  It had nothing to do with the merits, the pros and cons of sending young Americans off to fight and die in some distant hell hole.  She was thinking of her political future, and what was the smart vote.  She’s an execrable woman, and if Donald Trump allows her to become President he will go down in history as the worst American politician since Aaron Burr.

Being a hard ass with the Russians gets you nowhere.  Kissinger worked out a deal with Brezhnev, in private, to allow a huge increase in the number of Jews who were allowed to emigrate.  But Scoop Jackson and the neocons wanted a bigger number, and they wanted it in public.  Brezhnev was furious and scaled back what he’d agreed to with Kissinger.  The first great neocon diplomatic foul up.

I am, in fact, a member of the Russian Orthodox Church.  I converted from Catholicism in 1970 or so.  It wasn’t doctrinal so much as liturgical.  The Catholic Church no longer had Mass in Latin, and I hated hearing the beautiful Latin phrases of my altar boy youth recited in banal English.   The Russian Church services were very elaborate and traditional, and they appealed to me.  Deep down in my bucket list is a visit to Moscow, and its great cathedrals.

Of course, I have to admit that I did have it figured that being Russian Orthodox would go over well, politically, in Alaska.  But that wasn’t the main thing.

I can imagine the scene, based on what my Uncle Fritz told me, of the 82nd Airborne meeting up with the Russians in Berlin.  The Russians had won the war.  Everybody knew that.  But the help they got from men like those in the 82nd was greatly appreciated.  Warriors meeting warriors.

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