Freedom’s not just another word

We’re losing our freedom in this country.  The government is taking it from us.  This election should be about getting it back.  Trump talked about the loss of our economic freedom today, but I never heard him use the word.  Taxes take our freedom, not just our money.  Regulations take away our freedom.  I haven’t seen Trump speak very much, it’s true, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard him talk about freedom.  Maybe it’s just me, and my libertarian view of life.  The people I saw at the Pence town hall in Carson City may not care about freedom.  But he’ll need more than them to win.  I’m not alone.  I have a hunch the millennials care about freedom too.

It was a good speech in Detroit.  It’s a start.  If he can do that for three months straight he’s got a chance.  All he’s got to do to win is convince people he’s normal, and not a nut.  Ivanka got a nice reception, which I’m sure was a high point for him.  Having her there may have helped him keep his focus.  He was completely under control, and his old friend Donny Deutsch, on With All Due Respect, said he could tell Trump didn’t feel himself.  He wasn’t enjoying himself.  Well, guess what?  Running for President, and being President, is hard work, and a lot of it’s not fun.

Ivanka is working closely with his economic team, and apparently enjoying it.  Her debut as a surrogate will be fun to watch.  I mean, come on, comparing her to Chelsea is just not fair.  A princess and a toad.  She’ll outshine her father to an almost embarrassing extent.  People will say, why can’t we have her instead of him?  Here’s the ticket.  Trump goes to Priebus and cuts a deal.  He drops out, Pence is named to replace him, and Ivanka’s the VP candidate.  What’s not to like?

I rarely talk politics to RP co-founder Darren, but today he said maybe people will go into the polling booth, look at the two names, shake their head, have a big laugh, and vote for Trump. His hunch is as good as mine.

My idea of Trump going to Moscow for the unveiling of the statue of St. Vladimir won’t work out.  It’s scheduled for Nov. 4th, some Russian  national holiday.  I’m sure Putin will be there to make some remarks.  No doubt he’ll talk about the legacy of the Saint, which is a Christian Russia, from his time until today.  Those would be significant statements, but I guess nobody in this country cares whether Russia is a Christian  nation or not.  Actually, in the big scheme of things, it’s very important.  Bismarck was asked what was the most important geopolitical fact in the world.  He said it was the fact that the people of North America spoke English.  A Christian Russia and a Christian America have a lot in common.  How many really Christian nations are there in this world?  Why aren’t we taking in Christian refugees?  And until I see how many Syrian refugees Saudi Arabia is taking in I don’t even want to talk about bringing any into this country.

I hate flying, but I’ve decided I want to go to Moscow some day.  I want to see that statue.

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