Something different for the Donald to do

When a man has proven you not only wrong, but made you look like a fool to your own wife, you hesitate to tell him what he should do.  But for the life of me I can’t see why these rallies keep coming.  I know he likes being a newsmaker, but there are other ways to do it.

First he goes to Britain and meets the new Prime Minister, Teresa May.  Trump was right about Brexit, and she was wrong, and he can exploit that to show that the British nationalism demonstrated by Brexit is perfectly compatible with his own American nationalism.  We want trade with Britain, as much as we can get.  They’re not the ones taking our jobs.  Being seen as an equal with the British Prime Minster is good TV.

Then to Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu, a great man and a great leader.  He must stay scrupulously neutral in our politics, but most think he favors Trump, which would make sense.  These two will hit it off fine, and it will show.  Bibi will make sure that Trump is treated with all due respect, and it will be good TV.

Then to Poland, and at least a couple of the holy places of Poland that are so closely associated with St. John Paul II.  I wrote a book about John Paul 25 years ago, which was never published.  There are some very powerful places in Poland where Trump could go.  There’s a site in southern Poland where the Polish Pope held an outdoor Mass, attended by something like 1.3 million people.  I could go on and on.  And he must visit a death camp.  Every person who goes to Europe should go to one of these.  I think of them as not only monuments to their victims, but monuments to all the victims of totalitarians in the 20th century, Communist and Fascist, which are two sides of the same coin.

Then to meet the leaders of Poland, who I believe are currently conservative nationalists, but it doesn’t matter.  They represent the Polish people.  He should tell them that we believe in a free and independent Poland, but we will not send our sons and daughters to their country to defend it.  We believe that Poland is part of the western Europe sphere of influence, and not Russia’s, and Russia has no right to any Polish territory or Polish self sovereignty.  Poland is not Finland, it is part of Europe.  We can tell them that we seek a new understanding with Russia, and part of that understanding, which we will insist on, is a free and independent Poland.  But America wrote Western Europe a blank check when we entered NATO.  And that check will no longer be honored.  One generation can not bind another.  These statements are made in private.  They are not part of the news.

These trips would make front page stuff, and would make Trump look  normal.  A twofer.

I wrote another article for the American Thinker about the new world order, and the role we can play in it.  We can be like Bismarck was in Europe for twenty years, the man in the middle.  He wanted nothing for Germany, which had all it needed.  He wanted to be everybody’s friend, but never settled for less than two at a time.  Germany was in the process of becoming the naturally dominant power of Europe, and he didn’t want to rock the boat.

Now, Bismarck was a genius, and I’m not suggesting we have another Henry Kissinger out there to pull the strings like Bismarck did.  But we don’t need to be afraid of anybody.  Germany was surrounded, in the middle of Europe.  It had potential enemies all around it.  But we’re on a continental island, and no one’s going to try and invade us.  Ever.  So my motto would be Baron von Bismarck’s motto, if he was an American.  Peace through friendship.

When the Russians tried to kill the Pope, Putin was a 27 year old KGB man.  He had nothing to do with it, but I imagine he didn’t object.  Or maybe he did.  If he did, he should say so.  And if he didn’t, he should apologize.  Come to think of it, he may have met one of John Paul’s successors, and already has.  The Russian Orthodox Church believes in the sacrament of Confession, so I guess he probably has.

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