The WTF election

There are three levels of stupid in international affairs.   There’s stupid, really really really stupid, and getting in a war with Russia.  So says Fred Reed at   This is World War One level stupid.  So before you start huffing and puffing about how evil Vladimir Putin and his Russia are, put on your thinking cap.  What are we supposed to do about it?  Try to overthrow him?   Or learn to live with him?  Which sounds like the more prudent course to you?

Hillary Clinton tried messing in Russian politics a few years ago and Vladimir Vladimirovitch has a good memory. My hunch is that he’s going to return the favor.  I don’t appreciate it, but it’s actually better to have him do it rather than Dr. Evil, George Soros, who hates this country.   I don’t think Putin does.  Putin doesn’t want conflict with the United States.  He’d be willing to partner with us in the Middle East, is my bet.  He prefers an American regime that doesn’t want conflict with him.  So do I.  So when we get our October Surprise, it will be from Russia with love.

It may make Clinton simply unelectable, a criminal convicted in the court of public opinion.  Then we’d have to decide between Trump and Johnson.  I think Johnson gets the lion’s share of Clinton vote when she begins to lose it.  It could elect him President.  At least it would make a good novel.

Actually, if Putin’s going to do it, he should do it in September, before the debates.  It might propel Johnson into them, which he needs.  Johnson has a plan, according to Politico.  He’s concentrating on Utah, the Mountain West, and Alaska.  As you’d expect.  But no mention of the Transfer of Public Lands, which is a hot issue in all of these states.  This is a mystery to me.

The FDA has ludicrously decreed, yet again, that marijuana is the most dangerous type of controlled substance, the same as heroin.  Debra Saunders has a good article on it.  The pharmaceutical industry is behind this, and Johnson should talk about it.  Marijuana is, in fact, medicinal, as most people in California are aware.  In states with lax marijuana laws the rate of opiod addiction is way down.  The country would be better off if all the opiod users switched to marijuana.  But marijuana is natural, and cheap, and the “right” people wouldn’t be making any money off it.  So addict the nation to opiods, for the profits of the drug companies.  This is a scandal of major proportions, and Gary Johnson is the man, and he’s in the place, to raise hell about it.  Why he wouldn’t is beyond me.  There are tens of millions of voters who consume marijuana.  Why not reach out to them?

I call this the WTF election in another article I put in to American Thinker.  I don’t mention Russia, so maybe they’ll run it.  I preface it with a description of the Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017.  My whole family will be in Jackson, Wyoming, along with a lot of friends of the family from around the country.  We may even have a new addition.

If Clinton is elected, I think we should use this eclipse as a starting point of a new campaign to revive this country through the use of Article V.  A Clinton election would be low point for this country.  The lowest, really.  But sometimes things just have to get worse before they can start to get better.  A Clinton election would be a clarion call.  The opening bell of the final round.  We either take her down, or lose our country.  I think we’ll take her down.  And use Article V for the first time in our history in the process.  I know what I’ll think is she gets elected.  Let’s get ready to rumble.

Trump hasn’t turned the tide, and the election of Clinton would be the last gasp of a dying order.  They’re on life support, and will go down quickly.  When she’s sworn in everyone will know how she did it.  She helped Trump hijack the Republican Party.  Grand Theft Politics.

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