Is Trump an American Moses?

The Prophet Moses led the Exodus of the Jews from Egyptian bondage, and wandered the desert with them for forty years.  But for the sin of pride he, himself, was not allowed to enter the Promised Land.  So he surrendered his authority to Joshua, and it was he who at last led the Israelites to their final deliverance.   

Since Ronald Reagan left office, we have been governed by members of the globalist elite.  We’ve been wandering the desert for 28 years, and it was Donald Trump who seized, almost singlehandedly, the Republican Party, and returned it to its nationalist roots.  His utter destruction of Bushism and the Republican establishment has opened the door for a return to policies that unequivocally put the interests of his country, and its citizens, first.

But, like Barry Goldwater before him, his astonishing capture of the Party may not be enough.  Like Moses, his pride may prevent him from the ultimate prize.  But as he has said many times, the movement he created is not about him.  It’s about restoring American greatness, and for the sake of that noble cause he may hand authority to Mike Pence, as Moses did to Joshua.  While he personally may not take the oath of office, he will send one to take it in his stead.  For the judgments of the Lord are true and just.


Read the whole thing at American Thinker.  The comments are universally negative, and one guy said “Fritz is on the Fritz”, but there was one which was disturbing, implying that I’m encouraging someone to take Trump out.  That’s beyond the pale, but these people are just, well, different.

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