Is Trump smarter than a T. Rex?

I’ve only seen clips, but apparently Trump is capable of learning.  Everyone seems to agree the speech in West Bend last night was his best so far.  He sounded like Rudy Giuliani, and you could tell he’d actually put some effort into improving his delivery off a teleprompter.  Mirabile dictu.

How long can he keep it up?  How long has it been since he sounded like the loudmouth at the end of the bar?   Two days, or three?  I said a while back that Trump was like an enraged bull, who would charge at every red flag waved his way.  One of my fellow contributors at American Thinker, Steve Feinstein, has a better analogy.  He says Trump is like the T. Rex in Jurassic Park, who’s about to start chomping on someone, when Jeff Goldblum starts waving his arms to distract him.  The big lizard takes the bait, comes after Goldblum, and everyone escapes.

Captain Khan’s family was the red flag, the Jeff Goldblum, that Trump couldn’t resist.  They pushed his button, and like some primordial lizard brain, he had to strike back.  It’s his style.  Maybe it’s a New York thing.  Say something bad about me, and I’ll insult you.  I don’t even think that works in New York.

It’s amazing that Trump seems to be surprised that the only thing reported on at his rallies is some off the wall remark he made.  Duh?  Where’s he been all his life?  He’s the one that’s stepping on his message, and giving the media the opening they need.  Duh?  Kellyanne Conway seems like a great gal.  She’ll be on the plane with him, trying to get him to stay on message.  It’s the most important job in the campaign.

Jonah Goldberg at NRO seems to have some kind of problem with white people.  All this talk about American nationalism has got him upset.  Jonah, trust me, American nationalism isn’t at all like the German kind.  He says whites now want to “. . . yoke government to their narrow agenda.”  I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about.  What I want, as a white man, is not to be discriminated against.  Is that too much to ask?   He fails to state why I, as a white man, should be be denied self consciousness.  Jonah married a girl from a good Republican family in Fairbanks, and has spent a little time up there.  But he apparently hasn’t rubbed shoulders with the common folk too much.  They’re no threat to anybody.  He should know better.

As the great Michael Barone points out, when whites feel they’re becoming a  minority, they  “.. . are going to start voting like members of a self-conscious minority group.”   Which means, in most cases, voting Republican.  Maryland Republican Governor Larry Hogan won 70% of the white vote. This is the way it’s been in the South for some time now, and it’s spreading North.  The Kentucky House is the only legislative chamber in the South which is run by Democrats.  This voting behavior may spread to southern Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  Why anyone should find this surprising, or disturbing, is beyond me.  The Jews have been saying it for thousands of years.  “If I am not for myself, who will be for me?”  Everybody feels that way.

Some people, including whites, just don’t like white people.  I can live with that.  It’s a free country.  Just don’t be shocked when I fight back.

If I’m an Israeli, does the presence of the Russian Air Force, on the ground in Iran, preclude me from taking out Iran’s nuclear program with an air strike?   I think it does.  If I’m Putin, do I want to stop Iran from getting the bomb?  Yes, I do.  For the life of me I can’t see why Putin would want a nuclear armed Iran on his southern border.  That’s crazy.  I just hope Putin knows what he’s doing with these whack jobs in Tehran.  I’m counting on him to stop them from getting the bomb.

David Satter at NRO has a piece on Putin and the KGB.  It’s very disturbing.  If it’s true, Putin is a stone cold killer.

And what, precisely, is the United States going to do about that?  Overthrow him?  Take him to the International Court of Justice?  Refuse to talk to him ?  Sacrifice the American national interest in order to oppose him?

No, you face facts, and realize that’s the kind of man you’re dealing with.

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