An appearance of propriety

Certain behaviors are appropriate in some circumstances, but not in others.  Trump, an old dog, has learned a new trick.  He’s behaving like the Republican nominee for President of the United States.  That behavior is different from being a celebrity, and different from being a candidate for the nomination.  This is serious business, more serious than anything Trump has done in his life.  If he’s to avoid the embarrassment of an ignominious defeat to the Queen of the Clinton crime family he’s going to have to keep it up.  I’m hopeful, because of the people he’s currently surrounding himself with.  Lewandowski reinforced all his worst instincts, and he rejected Manafort’s advice, probably because he didn’t respect him.

In a piece I sent in to American Thinker today, I compare his new advisers to those of Ronald Reagan  – –   James Baker, Ed Meese and Mike Deaver, the troika of aides closest to the Gipper.  I got a chance to talk to Meese at the 40th anniversary of the National Tax Foundation last December.   It was a real treat for me.

Pence, Bannon and Conway are Trump’s troika, and they’re responsible, along with his family, of keeping him focused.  I think they’re up to the task, especially Conway, because she’s a woman.  Women have a tendency to defuse things, especially for a guy like Trump.  Around men the testosterone level goes up.  Women cool you down.  Most men remember their mothers fondly, and deep in the brain we’re solicitous of women in general.  This woman looks perfect to me.

If Trump keeps this up he’ll be in a position to win it with a strong debate performance.  This will require an attention to detail, and a volume of knowledge, that will test his intelligence and his discipline.  I’m sure’s smart enough.  The other part, we’ll see.  Just do exactly what Romney did.  No need to reinvent the wheel.

Maybe there’s some kind of mental conditioning he could go through which would allow him not to be distracted by bright shiny objects.  The moderator, and Clinton, will be constantly baiting him, trying to get him to bite.  Like fly fishermen, they’ll try everything.  But if he bites, he’s hooked, and it’s game over.  Reagan showed you how you do it.  After Carter basically called him an idiot, the Gipper shrugged his shoulders, smiled a little bit, and said “There you go again.”  That one moment, more than any other, won him the election.  He passed the temperament test, and he was O.K. to vote for.  Can Trump do that?

A week or so ago Jonah Goldberg wrote that if Trump could be normal for an entire week he’d support him.  Five days down, two to go.

Some of these Never Trumpers are so invested in their loathing of Trump that they’re a little unhinged. The longer Trump stays normal the more untenable their position becomes.

I admit to being a little obsessed with the Paula Jones story.  It’s dying to be told.  I think Trump should establish an annual award from the Trump Foundation.  The gift of a $100,00 cash prize to the recipient of the “Woman of Courage” award.  Paula Jones would be the first winner.

Dave Biddulph and I worked up a proposal for the Trump campaign, which Dave and Lew Uhler will try to deliver.  It makes perfect sense to me.  I can understand why it might not work.  But at least I think it deserves a hearing.  With the addition of Pence and Conway, I’m pretty sure it will at least be considered.

Babbie, Brendan and I will be driving back to Bozeman  next week.  Right through the heart of the Sagebrush Rebellion.  Just think of the kind of life these ranchers have, basically running cattle in a desert.  A big, lonely, hot desert.  That’s a tough way to live, but it’s what they like.  The federal government hassles these guys.  The environmentalists in D.C. who pull the strings want to drive them out of business.  They want this land to revert to a state of nature, with limited human activity.  It’s ridiculous, and these guys need our support.  The Transfer of Public Lands is the answer. Under state management, dedicated to keeping them in business, they’ll thrive.

If Trump wins, we could do it.

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