I did it my way

Trump claims to be a Christian, but you have to wonder.  Asked if he ever sought forgiveness, he said he had never done anything that needed to be forgiven.  That’s not just vanity, it’s the sin of pride.  And as the Good Book says, “Pride leads to destruction, and arrogance to downfall.”  It is the greatest sin against God, because it challenges His higher power.

Maybe if Trump had been raised Catholic, and was taught the sacrament of Confession, he might have a better understanding.  In the Coen brothers’ “Hail Caesar” Josh Brolin plays a tough as nails movie executive, who bitch slaps a movie star played by George Clooney for his commie loving ways.  But he’s a good Catholic, and when he breaks his promise to his wife, that he’ll quit smoking, he goes to church and makes his confession.  (Bitch slapping Clooney was not a sin, so he didn’t have to confess to that.) It’s not that hard.

Sister Mary Joseph taught me about Confession in the second grade.  There were mortal and venial sins.  Violating any of the Ten Commandments was a sin, but some were mortal and some were venial.  It was complicated.   When you entered the confessional you said to the priest, “Bless me father, for I have sinned.  My last confession was … weeks ago.”  Then you told him your sins, and he told you to make an act of contrition, which was usually saying the Hail Mary ten or twenty times, depending on the severity of your sins.  I think I was seven when I made by first confession, and I didn’t confess to much, but the whole thing did make you feel better.

If Trump won’t apologize to Mrs. Khan, he needs to do an act of contrition.  I suggested sending her a framed portrait of her son in uniform, but it could be some other act.  It needs to be done, and not just for the politics of it.  It’s just right.

Trump’s in a black church today, which is about time.  If he’s ever in California he should go to McFarland, in the Central Valley.  It’s about 90% Mexican-American, and was shown in the Kevin Costner movie McFarland, U.S. A.  It’s agricultural economy is devastated by drought, but the water it needs is being used to save the delta smelt, a bait fish which actually does better in reservoirs than it does in the delta.  Millions of acres of feet of water are wasted on this f…ing minnow.  Trump could go there and donate an aquarium to the high school, with some delta smelt in it.  Give McFarland the water, and it will take care of the fish.

Thank God the Olympics are over, and we can get back to politics.  I can’t watch it on TV because of Bob Costas, who makes me hurl every time I see him.  But I did see the 1500 meter race, and the winner’s dad in the stands, swearing a blue streak as his son won the gold.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

A year from today is the Great American Eclipse, and my family, friends and I will be in Jackson, Wyoming.  If you haven’t made reservations wherever you intend to be, you should get on it.  They’re jacking the prices up all across the country.  It’s a free market, baby, and to the swift go the spoils.

Different people will interpret the symbolic significance of the event in their own way.  Since it is, in fact, the great American eclipse, it must have something to do with America.  And since a darkness will come over the land, followed by a return of the light and the resurrection of the son, it should be a rebirth of sorts.    An American Revival, perhaps, or some such term.

One way or the other, a lot’s going to happen in the next twelve months.  We are not destined to live in a quiet time.


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